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Story: FOREST OF DOOM Episode 6


Story: FOREST OF DOOM Episode 6



Episode 6





When the villagers learnt about the death of their king nnabu, they mourned for him, after some days, they buried him. 

The death of nnabu really caused grieved in the kingdom because they never thought that he will die after all the rituals that was performed on him.

Elder odogwu :…. This is getting out of hand, something is really wrong, which we haven’t find exact cause and solution to it

Elder Nwakor : (Confused) but could actually be the problem, I thought the priestess assured us that nnabu will live long on the throne, but what really went wrong? Infact am really confused, because I don’t understand what is happening, or does it mean that the gods don’t want us to have a king who will rule us?

Elder otunno: Am really tired of all this things happening to our Kings, all our efforts on nnabu just went in vain, and Even the priestess is telling us that she don’t know what went wrong, that she is still surprised on nnabu’s death after all the rituals she did to keep him alive

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Elder okoli : (sighed) Am really short of words, I don’t know what to say anymore

Elder odogwu : but what do we do now, we really need to find solution to end all this once and for al………. (He haven’t finish his statement when okachie the village native doctor came in, when the elders saw him, they were surprised because they knew they didn’t summoned for him)

Elder odogwu: Great eyes of the gods of our land, what do we owe this visit because we know that we didn’t summoned for you, or did any of you summoned for him?

Elders : No we didn’t (they said)

Okachie : (Angry tone) must I wait to be summoned before I come to deliver want the gods told me to tell you?

Elder okoli : we are sorry great eyes of the gods if what we said make you angry, just that we are 

surprised to see you because we know that you hardly come unless we summon for you (he said and the others nodded in agreement)

Okachie : Hmmm……. Well like I said before, the gods sent me to you, the gods said that if you people really need a king who will be alive to rule you that you should choose five strong men in this village, that after that he will choose among them who will be the new king of this kingdom


Elder Nwakor : Again? Okay! So how are we going to know who the gods who choose as the king

Okachie : just bring them to my shrine in 8days time, from there the gods will tell me the task I will give them, and any of them who pass the task will be made king of this kingdom (He said and left)

Elder Nwakor: Hmmm….. That was what he said the other time that the gods choose ekene, but what later happened, ekene still died and now he’s telling us to bring five strong men that the gods will choose among them, see am tired of all this, if they eventually have another king and anything happens to him, I will advise we leave king for now and focus on ourselves, after all we have enough problem in our own houses

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Elder otunno : Nwakor! I understand your point but that doesn’t mean the kingdom should stay without a king, for an instant, look at what is happening in our village just few days our king died, there is a lot of stealing, raping and killing going on in our kingdom all because there’s no king for now who can control the kingdom, let’s just hope that after we select the five men and take to okachie shrine for the gods to choose, we pray that everything will be over


Nawa ooo….. Hmmm…. I pray so too my elders

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