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Story: MY TREASURE Chapter 11


Story: MY TREASURE Chapter 11


 Chapter 11..

…..There was something about this lady I thought within…

Goodmorning Chi, Stan greeted her, goodmorning Stan she replied..this is Amadi, he’s going to be your partner,and you two would be working together,and sharing same office… Stan told her..

Oh good morning,I am Chidera,you are welcome to The king’s global,she said to me..

Good morning, miss or Mrs Chidera, I asked.

It’s miss Chidera,she said smiling,and your welcome,she added…

Well I’d have to excuse you two,I have alot on my table, Stan said as he walked out of our office…

Miss Chidera, there’s something about your face,it looks so familiar,like I have met you before now,I said….

Oh no,I have one of those faces that seems to look like everybody,I often get that you look familiar line,but trust me,if I had seen you before I would have known,I am good with faces,she replied….

Ok,I look forward to working with you,I said smiling. .

Work was going fine and smooth, especially working with a lady like Chi,she was so nice,I wouldn’t know if it were because we were both igbos,or because we were office mates that made us click so easily,she makes me laugh so much,she was fun to be with,polite and respectful,,she was everything an African woman should be…

Having a job and working, didn’t create much time for Ehi and I,due to the usual busy Lagos,I leave the house early so as to beat traffic,and returning late at night traffic,is always a problem….the only time we would have called ours were weekends,but Ehi was hardly ever around,it’s either she has a wedding to attend,a burial or even some cleaning to do,I was becoming fed up….


I decided to pay her a visit one Saturday,at about ,9am,she was getting ready to go out, applying some make up….

She hugged me beautifully,are you going out dear,I asked her,oh yes honey,I have a wedding to attenddddd,when in heaven’s name are we going to plan our own wedding,for three weekends we haven’t spent up to two hours together,I mean how long have we be engaged,has it even bother you that we haven’t started making any preparation yet concerning our wedding,not even a formal introduction as been done, Ehi,what exactly is going on…..I asked her in anger…

So AD,I can no longer attend functions because I am engaged,okay let me ask you,if I don’t attend people’s wedding,who will attend ours,she asked in anger,,, please Amadin,I don’t have time for all these drama of yours,are you dropping me off at the venue or not,she added..

I looked at her in anger,took my car keys and drove off in anger….

I didn’t call her all through that Saturday,which is very much unusual,as I do call her at least two times a day…I didn’t call her all through Monday,and she didn’t call either…

The whole thing was affecting my mood,was I too harsh with my words,was I been controlling,was I this,was I that,too many questions going through my head….

It was Monday and the beginning of a new week,yet I hadn’t heard from Ehi,she hasn’t even called nor texted,I decided I should give her a call,and not allow pride take the place of Peace in our relationship,I called her before going to work,she wasn’t answering,I got to work and managed to coordinate myself,I wouldn’t want to be acting wired on a Monday morning,I decided I would pay her a visit at her place after work …..

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But we had some much to do that day,hence I closed very late and decided to go the following day been Tuesday….

I continued calling her when I got home,yet she wasn’t picking….

Tuesday morning,I wanted to go see her before going to work,but the traffic was too much and as such I headed straight to the office….

The boss son was around yet again,and some how occupied I and Chi with so much work, whenever he was around,it is usually very difficult,as there would be so much to do without rest,I couldn’t even call Ehi all day, neither did her call came in..

At the close of work, Stan asked what the situation with Ehi was like,and I told him she was yet to call me nor answer my call…

No na, Ehi is taking all these to far ,he said..

You must put an end to all these,make peace with your woman before it get worsened,go check up on her by morning, before coming to work, I’d cover for you,he said….

I was very grateful,and happy….

The next day being Wednesday,I woke up early,and went to Ehi’s place, getting there,she wasn’t home,and her neighbor told me she hadn’t come home since Sunday she left,maybe she had travelled..the neighbor added….

I couldn’t believe my ears,Ehi hadn’t come back home since Sunday,she isn’t taking my calls, neither is she returning it,,,where could she had gone to,who could she be with,,,I made a call to a close friend of her I know and she said, Ehi Wasn’t at her place,I tried calling iye,but her number wasn’t connecting, I didn’t know what to,I had the go to work…


the neighbor said she had went out with a bag and said she was traveling,I mean how would Ehi just go to God’s know where without telling me,I explained to Stan upon arrival….

It’s okay man,you really have to be strong,I am sure she’s fine where ever she is,,,she probably just needed time to sort herself,or she was still angry at you,but am certain you’d be fine please,he tried to cheer me up…Chi,make sure AD stays lively, Stan said as he walked out….

Soon it was lunch break,I hadn’t even had breakfast, talk more of lunch….

Let’s go for lunch AD,chi said…

No chi,am okay and full,you can go alone,I managed to speak.,….

Come on,don’t tell me that,I Know you hadn’t have breakfast,let alone lunch,we are going together,,she said coming closer to me,only to find some tear drops in my eyes….

AD,you can’t be like this,you can’t,she said holding me closely to herself and parting my back,she was standing while I sat…

It’s okay,it’s okay, you’d be fine,you have to pull yourself together, you wouldn’t want to fall sick,you have to beeeeeeeeee…

What the hell is going on here,a voice interrupted Chi, apparently someone had walked into the office…..

To be continued…..

Written by

Rejoice Igbinovia Aluyi

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