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Story: MY TREASURE Chapter 27


Story: MY TREASURE Chapter 27


Chapter 27.

……I didn’t imagine Ehi would let go the supermarket,I mean,does that mean she’s really changed,I went to the supermarket the next day and opened,she had managed the business well,I needed someone to be in charge,but didn’t know who…

I was softened in my heart,I had forgiven Ehi,but I wasn’t sure I still loved her as much as I did, more over,I would never leave my family again for her,,I decided it was high time I moved on….

Two days later, mother came to my room,to inform me I could resume duties at my father’s company as the General Manager, while she remained the CEO untill she retires,I was very happy about the offer,I had not work in my father’s company because of the fuss that had been on ground..  

I told her I’d resume on Monday,as I had to go to go tender my resignation letter,where I was working….

I arrived at the company the next day,and I resigned officially,the GM’s son pleaded I stayed back,that I was an asset to the company,he even lifted the suspension,but then,it was high time I joined my father’s company, hence I politely declined….

I had resumed work at daddy’s company,the supermarket was still locked,I went home to my place to get my things, entering the living room,I saw a big wedding portrait of Ehi and I,it was our wedding photograph….

I brought it down and held it,I didn’t know Ehi had asked a photographer to enlarge our photo, seeing her beautiful smile,and my happy face,sent cool breeze all over my body,,,,if only it was perfect,,,

I went into our bedroom,I found out Ehi only took her clothes,and nothing else,I took my bags to the car and drove off….

I was focused and dedicated to dad’s business,I needed to get busy and distracted,and doing my best so that my mother and late father would be proud of me,was my major concern…..

Chi was always visiting, infact almost all weekend,she was at our place,mother and Ada seems to have gotten used to her,I know what they all wanted, that Chidera and I become an item,but I was been careful.but with getting to be with Chi every now and then,I soon got use to her, and was beginning to see her in a different way…

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Stan’s wedding was around the corner,I was the best man,and Chi was Chioma’s Maid of honour.soon the day came,it was a beautiful experience, everyone kept saying Chi and I looked good together,that we could pass for bride and groom,I just smiled beautifully…

After the wedding,about a week later,mother came to my room one evening for a mother son discussion…

Son,you are not getting any younger,you have to get a woman and marry,I Know you have had your share of betrayal and love abuse,but it doesn’t mean that you won’t find love again,you will,and you really don’t need to look afar,love is just around the corner, Chidera is a good girl,and she loves you so much,why not give her a chance to nurse your heart again,mother said…

I’d think about it,I said…..

That night I couldn’t sleep,I was having different thought, where could Ehi be, what’s she up to, could she have found someone else,was she happy,so many thoughts,, it’s high time I moved on too,I concluded…

I invited Chi for a dinner date,she was looking so beautiful,I drove her to a classic restaurant…

Chi,I,I,I know you have told me how you feel about me,you are a very amazing lady,I am honoured you find me attractive,I like you very much,but I am not just sure if I can love you as much as you love me,but I promise to do my best,I promise to put in effort and try to be in the right track of love,I do not want to pretend,I want to be in this journey with you in sincerity,and hopefully,my heart will beat for you soon,I don’t know if you can accept me just as I am,I said…

Amadi,I have waited so long for this,yes yes yes,I am willing to accept you just as you are,trust me,you are going to love me I promise you,but just Incase you don’t,my love is enough for the both of us,just allow me love you,she said …


Thanks alot Chi for your understanding,I am grateful,I said hugging her….

Well,for a start,no more Chi,or Chidera,you are going to call me NKEM (my own),I too will call you NKEM,she said smiling…

Okayyyyyy,I politely said, wondering the essence of that anyways…

So from that day, Chi and I were an item.she would come over every weekend,and always wanted to be around me,she was always in my business,she wanted to know were I was at every point,what I was doing,who am with, even who is calling..she wasn’t just secured, and I wasn’t finding it funny……

One Sunday evening, Chi was with my phone, going through my gallery and viewing pictures,she came across Ehi’s pictures,she was very furious, saying I still loved her, that was why I had her pictures,I tried to make her understand I didn’t even know the pictures were there,as I hardly visit my phone gallery,but she wasn’t having it,she was making a case of the whole thing….

If you have forgotten about her,why haven’t you processed your divorce,she shouted,I didn’t say anything,as truly I can’t even explain why I haven’t concluded the divorce process….

She left in anger…

I thought about the whole thing,and indeed,I realized it wasn’t even nice being in a relationship with Chi while I was still married to Ehi,it was high time I got the divorce papers ready…

I called my lawyer,to go on with the process,,, Stan kept asking if I was sure I wanted to,or If i was just doing it to please Chi,after some thoughts,I told him I was….

The papers were ready in no time,I signed and placed a call to Ehi,that the papers were ready,and needed her signature,,she asked me when I wanted her to be around,and where,I told her I was going to call her….

I told Chi I would be meeting up with Ehi so she could sign the papers,and she insisted on coming with me,she said she wanted to be there as she didn’t trust Ehi,,,


Come on Chi,she gave me that disgusting look, asking me to correct the name I had called her,I mean Nkem,I corrected,come on,I can handle this,it won’t even take time,it just to sign the papers and we are out of there, I said..

We are saying the same thing, Nkem I have to be with you,for emotional support,she said,I had to agree with her,for peace sake….

Another thing Nkem,you see, instead of the supermarket to be closed down,I was thinking maybe my younger sister could be in charge,I mean she’s Very good with business, Chidera said ….

I didn’t know what to say to how,I knew it doesn’t sound nice, that the supermarket I opened for my wife,I mean soon to be Ex wife,is now being run by Chi’s sister,but I wasn’t ready for a round of another argument,so I told her I was going to think about it,,,she was very happy and hugged me tightly….

After about two days,I called Ehi again to inform her to meet up in a restaurant well known by 1:30pm,I decided to meet her up during the lunch break,since it wasn’t going to take time….

On that very day,I wanted to call Chi to inform her I’d be meeting up with Ehi, she’d definitely be busy at the office,I said, hence I decided to let her be and go there on my own,,,I arrived at the restaurant at about 1:20pm,I ordered a glass of wine,while I waited for Ehi….

At about 1:45pm,Ehi walked in,she was looking so different from the Ehi I saw months ago….

To be continued

Written by…..

Rejoice Igbinovia Aluyi

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