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Story: MY TREASURE Chapter 34


Chapter 34


….I couldn’t believe my eyes,Ehi and mother seated, discussing and laughing like they’ve been friends all their lives….

Ehiwenma,I called….

Yes honey,she said walking to me,she hugged me and kissed my head…how are you?she asked….

I was too suprised to answer her….

Ada walked in too,she and Ehi exchanged pleasantries….

My son,I know your father wanted you to marry from our tribe,but in another will,he indicated that,if you were so in love with a lady from another tribe,and your happiness depends oh her,you should be allowed to marry her….I have seen how much you love Ehi from the very beginning but I wasn’t sure of her love for you then,that was why I kicked against it,but now I know better,she has fallen deep in love with you,and she is no longer selfish,the last time she was here,she said she will never allow you abandon your family for her,and that was why she called it quit, that’s love and maturity in one place,a woman who truly loves you will never destroy your relationship with your family,instead, she’d help make it better,just like you would not deprive her of her own family…I see how miserable you have been without her,and I can’t watch you be like that,I had to look for her,and make up with her,if Ehi is the only woman that can make you happy,you can be with her,I welcome her with open hands to my home,mother said..

I was so speechless,it was like I was imagining things….

Mother,I know I am not deserving of your love,thank you so much for giving me a second chance,I don’t know what I’d do without AD,thank you ma for accepting me into your home, Ehi said kneeling….

My daughter,stand up, everyone deserves a second chance,but I just hope you’d not make us regret it,mother said….

No mother,I promise on my honor, Ehi said.then she and mother held themselves in embrace….

Mother,I am short of words,thank you so much for this,I am very grateful,I went to her and hugged her tightly,I had some tear drops rolling down,no son,don’t cry,mother said…

I then went to Ehi and hugged her,it was a beautiful moment…..

While you all are having a reunion party,hope you know I and my son are still in this house,and where is this leading to,chi asked,…

Chidera,you know I actually thought you were perfect for my son being you are Igbo,but then you have proven to be desperate and a golddigger,you have no place in my home,have our baby,if you like leave him with us,he would be well taken care of,or go with him and we shall be sending child’s support,mother said….

I would not raise my child in a broken home,I will stay in this house and raise my son with his father,chi said….

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Whether you stay here or not,I would not marry you, I shall take care of my son the best way I can, he’s my child buttttttt….

The baby is not yours sir,our help walked in Interrupting me….

What do you mean by that,mother asked her…

Everyone was starring at her confused..

Ma,I mean aunty Chi here is not pregnant for uncle AD,she said….

Are you insane,what trash are you saying, chi asked her angrily,….

Mother,I heard her on a phone call the other day, telling the caller that she was able to fool all of you,that she has convinced you all that the baby was yours, saying she will make sure uncle AD marry her,the help explained….

Ha ha ha ha,this must be the joke of the year,don’t tell me you are all going to believe this girl,I am the one pregnant,and I Know who the father of my child is, chi Said…

Well, there’s one way to find out medically,so immediately the child is born,I shall carry out a DNA test,and if my son is not the father Chidera,I shall deal with you without mercy,mother said…..

Chi immediately went on her knees,I am sorry ma, please forgive me,AD,Ada, Ehi please am sorry,I love AD so much and I wanted him to be mine at all cost,so I tried to tie him to myself by telling him the baby is his,AD never touched me,when I saw he came home drunk,I joined him in bed naked,so that when he wakes up, he’d assume something had happened,to perfect my claim,I am sorry…

You are so shameless,Ada said walking inside to the guest room where Chi was occupying,and brought everything that belongs to her out….

Get out of this place,Ada said throwing her thing’s out,she begged and begged for minutes, mother asked the gatekeeper to take her out and never to let her in…

I went inside to my room and changed to something more casual,there was no office for that day,mother got dressed and was ready to go….

I know you two love birds will need time together,I know Amadi is not Coming to the office today,no problem, sweetheart,mother said to Ehi,please be around when am back,you aren’t going home today,mother said…

Okay mummy,no problem,I shall be home ma, Ehi said,it so gladdened my heart seeing the three most important women in my life getting along…

I was about taking Ehi out for a eat out,of course Ada insisted on tagging along,so you haven’t heard that two is a company and three is a crowd, I teased….

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That’s your own,I need time to blend with my sister in law joor, Ada insisted….

Let her come naaaa, Ehi added…

So you two are ganging up against me right,I said ..

We all went out,we ate,went to the movies,and some other exciting places,it was a fun filled day….

We went home In the evening,Ehi asked me to drive through the market,so she could buy something, I did and she got Ingredients for vegetable soup….

Getting home,she wore my polo shirt and short,I was so happy seeing her in those clothes,and she went to the kitchen,,,,

What are you doing, Ada asked her…

Trying to fix dinner,she said…

Come on Ehi, that’s what the cook is for, Ada added….

I know,but it’s been long I made a meal for AD,and i have missed that,plus he loves my vegetable soup,so please let me, Ehi said….

No problem, but I am going to join you, Ada added….

Oh thanks,the more the merrier, Ehi said…

So Ehi, Ada and even the help joined hands in making the dinner…

Mother came home and she was very happy Ehi was still around….

Welcome ma, Ehi said going to her, Weldone my darling,mother replied, mummy welcome Ada added, thanks baby…

Welcome mum,I greeted…

Thanks son,I am so hungry,hope dinner is ready,she asked…

Yes mom,it is, Ada replied…

Have you guys eaten,she asked…

They insisted we waited for you ohh,I am so hungry,I added…

Soon the table was set and we were all having our dinner,it was vegetable soup and pounded yam….

Hmmmmmmmm,this soup is so delicious, mother said….

And it was made by Ehi, Ada added…

Really,you are such a good cook,now I am beginning to see more reasons why Amadi couldn’t get his mind off you,you sure know how to blow a man’s mind..mother teased.we all laughed…

I was very glad having Ehi in my arms, in my father’s house…

She went home the next day….

She was around by weekend, immediately she stepped into the living room,she was surprised,as it was beautifully decorated,and a cake which reads” WILL YOU MARRY ME AGAIN” I went on my knees holding a beautiful diamond ring…

Yesssss,she said,and I slipped the ring through the middle finger of her left hand….

Mother and Ada were clapping beautifully,I was happy Ehi was going to be my wife,the second time….there was happiness in the air….

I rented a well furnished apartments for Ehi and iye,as I wasn’t comfortable with were they where,as that would also be iye’s place after the wedding,we have learnt the hard way,we love her but she won’t be living with us,she could come visit,stay a few days and return home…

Our wedding was a celebrity wedding, trust me,when mother is involved,it’s usually extra,it was as though we weren’t married before,it was beautiful…..

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Stan was my best man,and Ada Ehi’s chief bride’s maid..

Our mother’s wore beautiful matching outfits,and they both looked beautiful.

The next day we traveled to Dubai for our honeymoon,we stayed for a month and returned home….

Mother welcomed us by giving us the keys to one of father’s other mansion to live,she had also gotten Ehi a wonderful car,,,I was shocked,as I didn’t see that coming,I actually thought we would be living in the main house with her and Ada….

You are a new couple,you deserve to live alone and get to know and understand each other more,but don’t forget to always visit me here,and your iye too,mother said to us,it was so unbelievable,we were short of words,we hugged her together….

We got a bigger space for Ehi supermarket,since she said she wanted to continue the business,mother insisted on something bigger for her daughter in law,it was a very big one….

Iye on the other hand said she still loves the food business,we looked for a better place for her,and she had girls working for her so she doesn’t stress herself that much…

Osas returned to Lagos and I was able to get him a good job,he was living with iye in her apartment….

My marriage became peaceful,I was always looking forward to going home after the day’s work,I am not saying we are perfect,as there isn’t any perfect marriage,we have our disagreement sometimes and we try to sought things out before day break,we also try not to get mad thesame time….

God blessed us with a beautiful baby girl 10months into our wedding,and a baby boy three years later,my wife is pregnant with our third baby,scan has revealed it’s a baby girl,and that is going to be our last card,it’s been 7 years of God’s faithfulness,,,,,

Honey, honey, honey, please come,hurry,, that’s Ehi calling,let me see what it is,,,

What is it honey,you called me…

My water just broke,the baby is coming,..

Aha,the baby is coming?,let me get my car keys,,, 

so guys that’s been my story so far,I need to take my wife to the hospital now,our baby is coming…please wish us a safe delivery…..

                         THE END♥️♥️♥️

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