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Story: MY TREASURE Chapter 4

Story: MY TREASURE Chapter 4


Chapter 4..

I looked at her beautiful face,she was heavenly, should I tell her how I feel about her,or wait a little longer,I was fighting with myself,not knowing what to do, what’s the rush,I asked myself,I decided I was going to hold on a little longer…

We ate,drank and had fun,at about 9pm,we were ready to go back home…..

She was doing most of the house chores, especially cooking,even though I had asked her not to bother,and she was a very good cook..

About a week after her exams,she came to me in the living room that she wanted to go back to Benin…..

I was shocked to my bones,as I didn’t see that coming.did I do something wrong,or did Stan offended you in any way,I had asked her concerned….

Oh no no, nothing like that,you both have being a very wonderful host,your care, love, hospitality and everything has been wonderful…

So why have you decided to return to Benin,i asked concerned…

Well the thing is,I miss my mom and brother so much,and also, there’s nothing for me here in Lagos,I need to go back to benin and know what to do with my life,,,she said….

Okay then,when do you want to leave,I asked her….

By weekend,she said…

Okay, no problem,I replied her…

AD,thank you once again for all you have done for me,I don’t know how to repay you,I pray God bless you richly,,,she said…

Thank you very much,and I am not asking you to repay me,I told her smiling….

Two days on which is a Friday,i had bought some clothes and shoes for Ehi,a change of wardrobe actually,,she was very happy and thanked me joyfully…

The next morning,she came out with her bag,well dressed,and set to leave,,,so shall we,I asked her….

I don’t understand,she replied,well Stan and I are going with you to Benin,I said,,so let’s go,I took her luggage from her to the car,she was speechless,I bet she didn’t see that coming….

Stan was more familiar with Benin roots as he had been there a couple of times, hence he was the one driving, while I sat in front with him,,, leaving Ehi to seat comfortably at the back….

Haven been on the road for about five hours,we were already in benin,and with Ehi’s direction,we arrived at her compound…..

Her mother was seating outside with other two women,when we drove in,, Ehi alighted,and her mother and the other women ran to her, hugging her beautifully…

We greeted the women cheerfully with smiles and they reciprocated….

Stan and I went to the trunk of the car and brought out a bag of rice,a gallon of vegetable oil,a cartoon of pasta,some yams,and even big tins of milk and milo, Ehi was shocked,as she didn’t know about all those,,her mother and the other women sang for joy,as they took the things inside,, some guys around helped with the rice inside…

Her mother welcomed us inside,and offered us two bottles of chilled malts…

We stayed for about 30_40minutes and told them we are going to find an hotel to sleep,and that we shall be back in the morning….

Ehi thanked us and saw us to the car,then we drove out,,,we were able to get a good hotel,we lodge in two different rooms,I immediately had my bath and changed into something lighter,and came out to have a good meal, Stan had done same,we both went to the food section and ordered for food,the meal was sumptuous.we went back to our rooms to have a wonderful nice sleep,it was a long ride….

At dawn,we got dressed in the morning and headed to Ehi’s place,she had called earlier to check up on us ,and to let us know they’d soon be leaving for church,,,I wanted us to worship with them ….

Good morning mummy,we greeted,haven arrived at their place,good morning my sons,hope your nights were good,am sorry I couldn’t offer anything for you to eat yesterday, Ehiwenma didn’t tell me she was coming with companies,am sorry,iye,as I got to know she’s been called said…

Oh no ma,, please we are okay ma, thanks all thesame….

I hope you would follow us to church,she asked,,,

Of course ma,we shall,,,just then, Ehi’s brother who was having his bath came to say hello, good morning sirs,he greeted ..

Good morning man, you are such a big man, Stan and I greeted him cheerfully……

Soon Ehi came out with a delicacy of white rice and vegetable stew,it was so delicious,I enjoyed every bit of it….

Soon we were done eating and on our way to church, Stan drove,I sat in front with him,while iye, Ehi and Osas his brother were at the back….

The service was great,and I enjoyed myself,,, everyone was happy to see Ehi,she had so many how have you been ,and how is Lagos to answer, thankfully she was done exchanging pleasantries and we were on our way back home….

Haven eaten and relaxed,iye called me for a heart to heart discussion…

My son,she began,my daughter had told me all you have being doing for her,how you paid for her waec registration and even took her in when the Johnson’s threw her out,I can’t thank you well enough,I am very grateful,she said.  

Mother it’s nothing, Ehi is a very nice girl,and I love her so much(I quickly realized I wasn’t supposed to use those words, especially since I hadn’t told Ehi about my intentions,hence I quickly corrected myself) I mean I love her like a younger sister, she’s just like a sister to me… I said.

God bless you my son,may God of the widows show you mercy,she showered me with prayers…

Mother, I promise you today,to make sure Ehi goes to the university as it is her dream, infact when we return to Lagos, she’d register for JAMB and then prepare for the examination,I said….

Osaluoba!,what good have I done to deserve such kindness from you,, thank you,thank you so much,she was overwhelmed with joy…

God be praised ma,I said….

But how are you going to sponsor her in school since you are a student yourself,,she asked.

Well ma,I have some money,my father made sure I had more than enough in my account before he died,like he knew he wouldn’t be alive to sponsor my education, So he made provision in time,which can serve for two,I said…


Oh so sorry about your father, she said…

No problem ma,it’s well…

How about your mother,iye asked..

She’s well and fine, she’s in my hometown….

I said.

God bless you for me,I am grateful,you will never know lack,she prayed for me.

Iye disclosed the outcome of our conversation with Ehi,and she came to me in appreciation, thanking me beautifully,…..

We returned to the hotel for the night,, on Monday we decided to have a view of the city,as we were heading back to lagos the next day being Tuesday, Benin is a nice place to be,I had fun…

Tuesday morning,we were set and ready to hit the road,iye prayed for us three,and wished us safe journey back….

Thankfully,we arrived Lagos In one peace,and it was a beginning of a whole new chapter….

To be continued

Written by

Rejoice Igbinovia Aluyi

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