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STORY: SO IN LOVE Chapter 12


STORY: SO IN LOVE Chapter 12


                 Chapter 12


            Rejoice Igbinovia Aluyi 


……Father got so emotional with me,we Shared tears of joy,I was practically closer than him than any of his children….

My child,I pray you have a bright future, because your heart is very kind,he said…

Thank you father I replied….

I shade my goods that morning,sold some and then carried some yam, plantain,and Cocoyam,I also tied some tomatoes and pepper in small nylons and added….

I ate,had my bath and was on my way to sell….

My daughter,are you sure you want to do this,,you know you can still change your mind,father asked as I was about leaving…

Father,yes,I want to this,I really want my husband to be happy and Excel,just pray for me to have good and quick sales,so that I’d be back before the sun becomes very hot, I said…

Ok my child, if you insist,go well,and return soon in one peace,I wish you good and quick sales,he said…

I hugged him and then zoomed off….

At first sales wasn’t easy,I walked and walked,about two hours later, It was as though the heaven’s had remembered me, people started calling me from different houses,I was making good sales,I continued walking,as I wanted to finish the goods, soon I had just one nylon of tomatoes and pepper left,I was heading back home,I also sold that too before I got home…..

I got home and met father and mother seated outside….

Kor daddy obowa,kor mummy Obowa,I greeted them…

My daughter, welcome,I can see you finished your goods,father said. .

.yes father,I did, thanks alot…I replied..

Hope it wasn’t stressful,he asked again…

Honey what is stressful there, don’t you go to new Benin, and other markets,you will see heavily pregnant girls and women hawking sachet water,drinks, fruits and other things from morning till night, please stop making her feel she’s doing something that has never been done before,,, mother said..and that really broke me…


You are so ungrateful and forgetful.. madam have you forgotten your days of being pregnant?,you weren’t even able to cook,I practically did everything for you,and you see a young girl like this doing this much you can’t even appreciate her,what kind of a person are you,father asked her….

My dear, please go inside, freshen up,eat something and rest,father said…

Indeed I needed that rest,I went Inside,had my bath, ate and rested…

I continued going to hawk goods morning and evening, saving up,so I could give to Nathan to go to school after when the strike would have been called off……

It was about three months and the strike had been called off,this time I was almost due too,I opened the little save box,and counted the money, thankfully it was very reasonable,I gave Nathan about a hundred and twenty thousand,yet he complained it wasn’t enough….

I was shocked,I expected he’d appreciate it,I couldn’t give him the whole money,as I would be needing some money too after giving birth…

You know I’d be needing money for school fees, accomodations and other things,why won’t you give me the whole money, are those not money in your hands,he asked arrogantly…

Nathaniel you don’t speak to her like that, what is wrong with you,if it’s easy to make money,why didn’t you work also to save up something,father shouted at him….

Honey, honestly,I don’t like the way you are always supporting Ese in issues..Our son is going to school and you and I know he needs enough money,why is Esohe withholding some money,mother asked….

Mother am almost due to give birth,and you know I can’t continue my business immediately after giving birth,I am already too weak to go hawking morning and evening as I usually do, that’s whyyyyyyy

There’s no excuse,you haven’t put to birth yet,last time I check,your due date is in two weeks,you can definitely make money in that two weeks,mother said…

But mother,it could be any moment from now,I have heard people giving birth two weeks or a week before their due date,I said politely….

Teach me,no no no teach me what pregnancy and delivery is,I have been through that road almost two decades ago,and you educating me about it,mother said angrily,if you must know there are others who give birth two weeks after,or even a month after their due dates,she added and hissed…

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Madam, wisdom is not an exclusive reserve of the old,haven been through that road,you are supposed to understand her better, because she’s definitely right,an expecting mother or even parents are supposed to plan and be ready financially to welcome the newborn,this topic is over,she has given what she feels she can to Nathan,he should either manage that,or look for money by himself, Esohe is not a slave in this house,all these she’s doing is from her own good heart,she shouldn’t be made to do what she doesn’t, period,father said….

I was very happy father took my side, honestly I was planning to stop hawking for the main time,as it was getting too stressful for me….

In about five days, Nathan was ready to leave,he packed his things,and off he was to school…..

About three days later after Nathan left,I decided to go buy some things I would be needing for delivery,as I had been told to buy, getting to where I had kept the money,I couldn’t find anything,I searched the whole room,but the money was no where to be found,it was about fifty thousand plus, Nathan had taken everything without leaving a dime for me….

For the first time,I cried bitterly for the pains destiny and life had brought my way.,..

Father was very angry,he consoled me and cried with me….

How I wish I wasn’t born,how I wish I had died with my parents,what did I ever do to life that it’s so unfair to me,am I cursed,am I unlovable,why,father tell me why is it so that my effort is never good enough,how could Nathan take every penny,how do I begin to look for money for my baby who’s almost here,I cried profusely…..

My child, please it’s okay,do not say those words,you know I love you so very much, it’s just unfortunately I have been confined to the wheel chair, you wouldn’t have been going through all these,you are a good child,and very pure at heart,I don’t know why Nathan would have to do this,but don’t worry,I would try and look for money,so that you and my grandchild would be just fine,father said trying to make me feel better…..

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Mother just gave us that disgusting look and walked pass us, apparently she was aware of what Nathan had done….

Father, thank you so much,if not for you,I am not sure I would have scaled through,but I would not allow you borrow,I don’t want anything that would make you getting worried or thinking,I am sure God will make a way,I only wish for my child to stay a little longer in there,so that I’d have time to raise some moneyyyyyyyy…

No no no my child,do not pray for your child to be delayed,no mother prays for that,your baby will come when God has destined it to,and he who is above,will make a way,father said…

I hugged him tightly,I needed that hug for strength…..

Even though I wasn’t feeling too strong,I decided to go hawking that evening..

Esohe,you don’t look too strong, wouldn’t you rest,father asked….

Father,how I wish I could,but don’t worry, I’d be back early, and when I return,I am going to have a beautiful rest,I said…..

Okay my child, please be careful, please,he said,I smiled to him and went off….

It wasn’t my day at all,buyers seems to have traveled,I walked and walked and walked,but made only few sales,I kept walking and walking,and soon it was late….

I was already very tired and exhausted,I was weak,it was almost like my legs couldn’t carry me anymore,I was about crossing a particular road,but I didn’t look, neither did I have the strength to run,soon there was this car coming and I was too weak to run,,,boom! boom!! boom!!! was all I heard..

To be continued

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