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STORY: SO IN LOVE Chapter 18


STORY: SO IN LOVE Chapter 18


            Chapter 18


Rejoice Igbinovia Aluyi 

…..I couldn’t believe what I saw walking inside my customer’s bar,it was uncle’s wife,flirting with a man.i know she’d definitely deny if she doesn’t see me,so I walked up to her and greeted…

She was very scared and shocked to see me,she didn’t know what do do,if the ground should open and swallow her,or if she should just disappear….

Haven made sure she had seen me,I went to my customer and sold some yams for her and headed home as I wasn’t feeling too strong, she ran after me…

Esohe,you see,it is not what you think,I swear, it’s not what you are thinking,,she said shaking….

How do you know what am thinking ma,I asked her back….

I I I I Know you saw me with a man,but trust me, he’s my relative,I mean my my my sister brothers friend,she said.  

Your sister brother’s friend indeed,I said and hissed, walking out on her…..

Getting home,I told father what I saw.,..

So how are you going to handle this,father asked concerned….

I don’t know father,my uncle loves his wife and children,he doesn’t deserve to be betrayed like this,but I can’t bring myself to tell him the truth, I don’t want to be a carrier of such,I said….

It’s obvious that was why she didn’t want you in the house,as you would be standing between her and her promiscuous lifestyle..but you would have to tell your uncle,so he’d be careful with her, nothing kills a man from this part of the world faster than having a promiscuous life.he could experience set back in life,he could lose a child,he could even lose his life,your uncle is like a father to you,and am sure you wouldn’t want that….he said..

Okay father,I shall tell my uncle I said….

I had my bath and rested for the day….

The next day,I went to uncle’s house to see if he was home,,,what in the name of heaven are you doing here,aunt asked with fear written all over her….

I want to see my uncle,I said with all the boldness in the world…

Ese,like I told you yesterday,it isn’t what you think,you have to believe me,she said gently….

Why do you think I do not believe you,I believe you,I just want to see my uncle,I said…

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He isn’t around,he he hasn’t returned from travel,she said..  

I looked at her in disgust and headed back home….

I was with father telling him the outcome of where I went when mother walked in…

Are you not going to hawk today,it’s past 10am,you are busy having gossip here and there, whispering God knows what to my husband,you had better get busy and useful,she said,hissed and went inside….

I took some goods and went to sell…

During the weekend,I went back to uncle’s place, hoping to meet him at home, thankfully he was home….

His wife was looking at me in disgust, behaving like she owns the world,I just smiled,she probably thinks I believed the rubbish she told me the other day,like she thinks am than stupid,I thought within me….

Kor daddy lamosun,I greeted my Uncle…

My daughter how are you,he replied..

Am fine thank you sir…I said…

How is my baby Oghosa,and why didn’t you bring her with you,he asked…

She was sleeping when I left,I didn’t want to wake her,I said….

Esohe,how are you,and your baby, aunt asked, pretending to care…

We are fine thank you,I replied reluctantly….

This one you came so early this morning,I hope all is well my dear,and how is your father-in-law’s health, uncle asked concerned..

Father is fine,thank you sir,and all is well daddy,I just want to have a word with you,I said….

Okay my child,you can speak,I am all ears,he said….

If you don’t mind daddy alone,I said….

Esohe come on,this is my wife,and you know that, there’s nothing I keep from her,we are one you know,I mean you are married now,you should know how these things work,two shall become one, moreover, anything you tell me now,I am definitely going to tell her Inside,so save me the second explanation and just speak my child…..uncle said…..

I was quite for a while,I didn’t know whether to tell him in her presence what I had seen or should just leave…

Esohe,what is it,speak up,aunty Said….

My daughter,come on,talk to me, uncle added…

Father,I think aunty is having an extra marital affairs,I said….

What,, Esohe,what in the name of God are you talking about, aunty asked shouting….

Dear wait,wait wait,calm down,uncle said…


Esohe which aunty are you talking about, uncle asked me confused…..

Uncle,I think your wife is having an affair,I said again…

Esohe do you by any chance know what you are talking about? My wife, having an extra marital affair,you must be Joking,he said., .

Daddy believe me,I saw them with my own eyes, she is,I said ..

So where did you see her and are supposed lover,uncle asked…aunty was already walking up and down in anger….

Oya answer my husband,where did you see me,she asked loudly….

Uncle last Tuesday,I saw aunty in a bar flirting with a man, I said….

Jesus,this girl,dear that was Efosa,my cousin whose birthday was last Tuesday,I told you now,I called to inform you Efosa was home,you even spoke with him,he came here oh and bought some drinks and snacks for the children,I requested for mama twins yam pepper soup,and we went there to get it,I saw Esohe there,she supplies mama twins yams,we greeted and then I and Efosa came back home,we all ate the pepper soup and he went Left,so is that what Ese decided to make up stories on,,she narrated forming tears….

Esohe,what kind of rubbish is this,has it gotten to this,that you now cook up untrue stories about my wife,is there anything wrong with you, uncle shouted at me…

I was practically shivering,but daddy I sawwwwww

Will you shut that thing you call a mouth,did I ask you to watch over my wife,see who is accusing one of infidelity,you who couldn’t wait to get to the stream before fetching water,if you ever dare come to my house with such rubbish talk, I promise you,you would see a different me, get yourself out of my compound,you wouldn’t mind what minds you,get out, uncle said in anger,I quietly walked out in shame….

Why does this girl hate me so much,why, why,why would she make up sch story about me,if you didn’t speak to Efosa that day,or doesn’t trust me, that’s how this girl would have successed in destroying my home,what did I ever do to her,oh what…. I could hear aunty faking a cry..

It’s okay my dear, it’s okay,I know what you can do,I don’t know what has gotten into Esohe,to have come up with such a lie, please my dear it’s okay,uncle was consoling her….

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I got home,and I was lost in thought, wondering how she managed to come up with such a lie,I know what I saw,and It wasn’t a cousin’s kind of relationship,I thought…

I got home and told father how it went,that my uncle sent me out of his house instead,he was surprised,but asked me not to worry,that the end shall tell, hoping it wouldn’t be too late..

Madam marriage advocate, sister see and talk,now that you have finished putting that your stupid mouth in what doesn’t concern you,can you go out and look for money for the household, mother said….

I didn’t say a word to her,I arranged some goods and went to sell still lost In thought,…..

Three days on,I feel, really ill,I had a test done,and the result showed it was fever,I was given some drugs by the pharmacist and asked to take some rest…

You never listens to me,I know you were working too hard,for heaven’s sake you are still a baby,who also has a baby by the way,so you really do have to rest,now see,father quarried….

I was on medication,and it was too days already,I was better,but not fully fine…

Madam,what are you doing laying on the couch,just because of fever,you have been home for two days,madam get up and go make money,we have bills to pay,and we also need money to get an apartment,so get up, there’s no time for being lazy,she said angrily……

I am no slave to you,I wasn’t sold to you either,I am human too like your children are,I am tired,I am tired of labouring for your and your children,you don’t tell me when and when not to sell,if you need money for an apartment,then look for it,I need rest,and i shall have that,if you so much need money you, Nathan and Osato could go hawk and make some….

Excuse me,I said and walked inside the bedroom……

To be continued……

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