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STORY: SO IN LOVE Chapter 19

STORY: SO IN LOVE Chapter 19


        Chapter 19


Rejoice Igbinovia Aluyi 


……I walked inside to the bedroom,I was really tired of the whole thing,,mother was just Starring at me as I went inside,I bet she didn’t see that coming,I mean I didn’t myself,how or where I got the courage to speak to mother like that I can’t tell….

When she had regained herself,she spoke to father who was seating on the couch,Edosa,you sat there like you didn’t hear Esohe insult me,mother said to father….

What do you want me to do itohan,just what,see my dear,you don’t beat a child and expect her not to cry,you and I know that girl is only a child, yet she provides for this house,she does what you have not been able to do since I became confined to a wheelchair,she feeds us,and even pays the bill,this is just a teenage girl,and to make matters worse,you don’t appreciate her effort,we have a daughter,who is almost her age, would you allow her do this much for her husband and his family when she eventually gets married,see Esohe, there’s a golden rule,and that’s “Do unto others,what you wish they do to you”,in as much as I don’t support her disrespecting you,but my dear,you called for it, father said…..

Edosa,you are the one spoiling this girl,you are, but you see in this house,she just dug her grave,I am going to finish her, she’d wish she didn’t meet me in her miserable life,mother said and I heard that clear…..

What did I ever do to this woman,how have I ever wronged her,I have been a good child to her,if only she saw me as her daughter too and not one who came to ruin her son’s life as she always puts it..

Why am I so unlovable,why is my fate this hard,I didn’t even know my father, perhaps my mother would have made up for that,yet she left me at 11,my uncle would have been a perfect parents,but definitely his wife wouldn’t let that happen,and where I supposedly call home now,is nothing close to it,the hatred is massive,if not for father,I probably would have died,and the only woman I thought I had found a mother in, Mrs Johnson, accuses me of theft, something I know nothing about,I am definitely cursed, that’s the only explanation to this hate I get around, regardless of how I try to fit in….I thought in pain….

But there’s only one solution to this, it’s to live my life like there’s no one,I am this hurt because my expectations are too high on people,if the people around me would not appreciate me,then it’s better there weren’t In my life,I am not going to have my child experience this hate,I am going to give her all the love in the world,and the very first step is to take her away from those with toxic attitude,I concluded…..

Father was seated outside the next day reading a newspaper,when I went to him,kor daddy lamosun,I greeted,koryo ovinwen,he responded,,I bent to him,father are you angry at me because of the way I spoke to mother last night,I asked him….

No my child, everyone,I mean everyone has their limitations,I know you were pushed to the wall,it was no fault of yours, that’s what makes you human,but nevertheless,you know she’s like a mother to you, please,be mindful of how you respond to her, father said….

Okay father,I am sorry,I didn’t mean to be rude,I was just caught up in the moment,and I’d apologize to mother when she wakes up,I said….

Okay my child,your heart is as pure as snow,that would be good,you know,the one who says am sorry,most times isn’t the guilty one, but the one with a bigger heart,filled with love and peace,father said hugging me….

I bath baby Mimi,fed her,warn the food from last night,and swept,then I had my bath and got dressed,,,I was about going to hawk,as I was much better,when mother woke up,and came out…

Kor mummy lamosun,I greeted,but she responded with a long hisssss…

Mother,I am.sorry for yesterday,please forgivvvvvvvvvv

Get out of my sight,she said In anger….

I quietly walked to where father was,father,I am going to sell, please Eloghosa is sleeping inside,I said to father…

Okay my child,good market,he said….

Thank you father,I said, pushing my wheelbarrow,…

Itohan,the poor child was only apologizing,you didn’t have to be that mean,I could hear father say to her…

What useless apologies, that girl is evil,and disrespectful,but she’s too small for me to handle,I am going to deal with her,I am going to make sure I teach her the lesson of her life,she willlllllllll I soon walked far and couldn’t hear anymore…

Sales was good that day,in less than two hours I had sold everything in my wheelbarrow,I was heading home, different thought came to me…

It is better I rent my own apartment, after all.i have been the one taking care of the whole family, including Nathan’s education without assistant from anywhere,and even father’s medical checkups, therefore I can take care of myself and my child,and even father if he’d agree to come with me,I shall leave that house, it’s time I focused on myself too,I thought….

Should I tell father about my plans or not,I was contemplating,no no,I won’t,father may discourage me,he may love me so much,but it doesn’t change the fact that they are still his family,so no,I won’t,I concluded…

Getting home, Nathan was walking to and fro,like he was waiting for someone to devour..

Come here you little rat,I heard you insulted my mother yesterday that I wasn’t home,how dare you,he shouted…

Nathaniel what’s your problem,will you allow her go inside,a child who’s just returning from where she went to look for money for you and I,is this how you would welcome her..

Father stay out of this,you are the one giving this girl wings in this house,I was about walking out when he dragged me back and landed a slap on my face,,how dare you walk out on me when am talking he asked in anger…

Nathaniel na waiting dey do you,na your wife you dey hit like that,mama Ada asked in anger as she walked closer….

Mama Ada stay out of this, it’s non of your business,he said….

How e no go be my business,as this girl dey try for una reach for this house,una no go still allow her get peace,which kind rubbish be that,mama Ada asked him..

So you don vow say na my family matter go kill you for this compound abi,no worry ,you go soon see waiting you dey fine,mother and mama Ada soon got in a heated agruement,,,it took the intervention of father and some other neighbors to bring calmness…..

My brother e no good to hit woman,no matter waiting them do us,na to dey look them,them be our wives na, Mr Ojo said,he lives three houses away….

Which wife,this one no fit be my wife,she no reach my level,if no be say na she dey bring small small money for this house,I for don fling her commote here, Nathan told the man,I bet he didn’t know I heard that….

Thankfully,the situation was calmed…

I fed my baby,ate,bath and relaxed outside with father,at about past 3pm,I went for evening sales….

That night,I starred at Nathan while he slept,and I was breastfeeding Mimi

“This one no fit be my wife,she no reach my level,if no be say na she dey bring small small money for this house,I for don fling her commote here”,, 

Nathan’s words kept ringing in my head,,,,I was more determined than ever to leave that house, promising myself to do all within my power,that one day Nathan would take back those words…..

I was buying more goods,even adding fruits, business as God will have it was flourishing,I was going to sale morning and evening, making good profit and saving up…

Three weeks later, Mama Ada and her family packed from the compound,oh how I missed that woman,she was the only one that really cared for me….

I went the next week to visit her and also know her new place….

The place was beautiful and good,there I discussed with her and told her my plans of moving out,she was totally in support….

Na only papa Nathaniel i dey pity,that man na nice person,he go miss you oh,if only he go gree commote with you,you see that woman and her children,then no be people at all,she said …..

that’s also my worry,father is the only one that cares for me,and leaving him behind would not be easy at all…I said….

No worry,him go adjust,and you go dey always check up on arm, she said…

Please ma,if you see any place that is nice,do let me know, I said…

One been dey front for this my street oh,na when we dey fine house then show us that one, na a room and parlour self contain oh, that’s why we no carry arm,as na flat we dey fine,she said….

Okay ma,let go see it,if it’s affordable, I’d keep it, especially since it’s close to you,I said…

Okay na,make we go,she said..

We went there and I like the place,it was also affordable….

I told the caretaker, I’d come pay the next day….

And indeed the next day which was on the 18th I paid,but pleaded with the man that if he wouldn’t mind start counting my rent from the next month,as I wasn’t going to come that month,I needed to buy certain things,,,

 thankfully,the caretaker agreed…

I continued working hard,and I was able to get ,a foam,a stove,some pots, cups, spoons,and a plastic chair in the house…

I also painted the Inside,it was looking beautiful and okay to begin my life with my child and I….

Soon it was month end….

The last day of the month,we had just finished eating dinner,when I said, Father, mother,I am moving out,I found a place….

I felt bad not to have told father before hand…

The shock on their faces was indescribable…

To be continued

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