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STORY: SO IN LOVE Chapter 23


STORY: SO IN LOVE Chapter 23


                  CHAPTER 23


         Rejoice Igbinovia Aluyi 

……I held his hand,what do you think you are doing?,I asked him angrily…..

Come on Esohe, you are my wifeeeeee

You will dare not repeat that,I interrupted him,,, yes I have a baby with you,but it doesn’t in anyway make me your wife,,,or was my bride price paid without my knowledge,I asked him…

now you listen,I am not that Ese you think is stupid and dumb,yes,oh yes,at some point I was SO IN LOVE with you,but then,with all I went through in your hands,and that of your family members, of course except father,made me realized that in life,love is never enough,also I heard you when you told Oga Ojo the other day that I am not fit to be your wife,I am not your level,you are only with me because of the financial benefits you and your family are getting from me,so Nathan,I Feel nothing for you anymore, don’t refer to me as your wife anymore because I am not,I said….

He was really shocked,I bet he never imagined what he heard, Ese,I am sorry,I didn’t mean all I said,I am sorry for all I have done to you, please Ese forgive me,he pleaded….

Nathan,I hold nothing against you,I just want you to know that we are no couple,and I’d really appreciate it if you leave it at that, having a child together,doesn’t necessarily mean getting married, please I am not interested in you… …I said…

He slowly walked to the sitting room like a chicken that had been beaten by rain…..

I was surprised at myself,that I was able to say that to Nathan, indeed there’s a thin line between love and hate,,,I had no feeling for Nathan anymore and I didn’t want to keep leading him on….

Life was going well,father kept going for his check up,and on one of such visit to the hospital,,the doctor said there was hope,he needed a particular drug,that will help strengthen his bones and legs,the drug was very very expensive,it cost about 35,000 and he needed three,I was willing to serve up,father deserved to walk on his fit again,I thought…


I told mother what the doctor had said,and she was pleased about the assurance of hope…

I wasn’t able to celebrate Mimi’s first birthday as I had planned,too many things at hand,I took her to church and bought some snacks for the children,I was able to buy a very little cake for her,my baby was growing so fast….

I hadn’t heard from my uncle in a long while,for over 8 months,I decided to go to his house….

Getting there, uncle was very happy to see me,he was looking very thin and pitiable…

The house was almost empty, aunty’s shop was completely empty,I was lost in confusion….

Father what is it,you look so thin and different,I said….

And why is the shop empty,where is aunty and my cousins,I asked in anxiety….

My daughter,calm down,too many questions,just relax, you just arrived,he said .

He carried Mimi from my back and he was trying to play with her,like he was doing that to hide something….

Soon uncle’s first child Abigail came, apparently she had gone to buy something…

She hugged me tightly,she was very happy to see me….

How are you doing Abi,I asked…

Am fine,she replied,even though she didn’t look it .. 

Where’s mummy, Beatrice and Benson,I asked her since uncle had refused to answer me….

Mummy left,she left with Beatrice and Benson,she replied….

Left,I don’t understand,what are you talking about,I asked her even more confused….

She meant isoken had packed out of my house, and she left with her children from another man, uncle said..  

That didn’t sound comprehensive to me either ….

Daddy, please I don’t understand a thing,what are you saying,I asked….

My child,I should have listened to you,I should have believed to you,he said fighting to hold the tear drop struggling to come down..  

I came home from travel that day unannounced,just to surprise her and the kids,only for me to be the one to be welcomed with a surprise,,, A man was seated in my living room carrying Beatrice and Benson,I didn’t know who he was,as that was the first time I was seeing him, nevertheless,I thought he was my wife’s distance relation I didn’t know. ..


So I greeted the man and asked him who he was and what he was doing in my house….

He told me he came to see his children,I was confused,and asked who his children were,there and then he told me Beatrice and Benson were his,,, isoken came out, from the kitchen and was shocked to see me,I asked her if what the man had said was true,and isoken nodded in affirmation, telling me the man was her ex,but she didn’t stop loving him,hence when he came back from abroad they continued seeing each other,even though we were married,that only Abigail is my biological child…… uncle explained

I was too shocked to believe my ears,what, father, aunty isoken did this?,,I mean I have always known she was wicked,but to get pregnant outside twice and pretended they were yours all these years,is not what I imagined of her,I said in an emotion of both anger and pain…

My child I am not done, uncle continued,I was speechless and shocked, before I could say anything,the man took the stool by the corner and hit my head,I fell to the ground very weak and helpless,then,he tied my hands and legs with rope, and tied my mouth too,he went to get a vehicle and they packed everything in the shop,and other valuables inside,he took the children,but Abigail insisted she wasn’t going to leave me,the man then asked isoken to leave Abigail since she doesn’t want to go with them, after all she isn’t his child,that was how the left,it was Abigail who called for help when they had left and I was lossened,he explained….

My goodness,some people are so wicked and evil,but one thing is sure God who we serve diligently will reward them, I said….

. it’s well my child…. uncle said

But uncle ,this happened some months ago,I know it isn’t easy on you,but then,you have to look at your daughter and be strong,it was no fault of yours,I know you loved aunty isoken as any man would love his wife,but since she choosed to betray you like this,we leave her with God and the universe,I said to encourage him…


How has Abigail be couping when you travel for work,I asked ..

My daughter,the situation really affected me that I couldn’t go to work for two months,so when I was able to put myself together and resumed,I was fired for negligence.. 

But thankfully I was able to plead with the CEO, explaining my predicament,he forgave me, especially since I hadn’t been of such behavior in the past, nevertheless,I was placed on one month suspension,so by next month, I’d resume again…he explained…

Thank God you didn’t lose your job,, but why didn’t you call me all these while uncle…

I asked.

I thought you were still angry at me,I added.

No no no my child,I wasn’t angry at you, my phone was stolen,I bought a new one and a new sim,I lost so many contacts,but I went to Nathan’s house and nobody was in the compound,I asked those around and I was told the landlord asked all tenants to leave that he wanted to renovate,I asked the lady who had told me if she had your number or Nathan’s,but she said no, that was why my daughter,he explained…

 Uncle trust me,it shall be well again,I said….

I hugged him tightly,,he needed the hug as he smiled beautifully…….

Mimi was with Abigail,and they were both having fun…

I stay till the next day,I called father to inform him I would be returning home the following day…

The next day I was on my way home,when I passed through a newly built supermarket,I had heard so much about that the new supermarket and how cheap their items were,I decided to buy some groceries…

I went in and indeed the items were quite moderate and fair….

I bought the little things I needed and came out……

Immediately I walked out, someone walked in from the other door, dropping a purse unknowingly…….

To be continued

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