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STORY: SO IN LOVE Chapter 25


STORY: SO IN LOVE Chapter 25


   Chapter 25


Rejoice Igbinovia Aluyi 

……. coming outside,I couldn’t believe who was standing before me,it was Mrs Johnson,,yes Mrs Johnson, the very lady that helped me when Mimi was born….

I didn’t know how to react,I was happy seeing her again, but when I remember she accused me of theft,I became confused….

Ese,meet my mother,mom, Ese the girl I have told you so much about, Charis said….

Esohe how are you,Mrs Johnson asked politely,I walked to her and knelt,ma,please believe me,I didn’t take anything from your house,I swearrrrrrr…

Oh stop it Esohe,get up,I know you didn’t take anything,I couldn’t find your phone no on my phone anymore, perhaps I deleted it,I went to your former apartment,and I was told my someone you had relocated,am sorry for accusing you wrongly, she said hugging me….

Aha,,,,, Mrs Johnson, welcome, it’s been so long oh,mother said coming out smiling,,,my sister,I am so sorry, for what Esohe did,I learnt she stole something from you, gold precisely, thank you ma for forgiving her,you are truly a mother,, that’s what I have been dealing with oh, but what do I do,am sorry once again my friend, mother said….

How do you do this,I mean,how do you comfortably lie with your face so calm,mrs Johnson asked….

Mom what’s going on here,you know them… Charis asked….

My baby,I do, Esohe was a girl I met one night,I really loved her,but things fell apart when I thought she stole from me,,she explained to Charis….

Mrs Edosa,you must be very foolish to think that a house like mine wouldn’t have a CCTV camera,I didn’t check the CCTV footage before Traveling abroad, that was why I thought Ese took my daughter’s gold,but when I returned and checked the CCTV footage,I knew better,how could you, a mother,and you watch your daughter in law been accused wrongly,you are evil personified,Mrs Johnson said….

Mother slowly walked away like a snail going into it shell….

Mrs Johnson hugged me tightly again,,,

Where’s my baby,she asked….

I pointed to Abigail,who was carrying Mimi,she took Mimi from her and was happily playing with her,my baby is now a big girl, she said happily….

She walked in and greeted father,who was also happy to see her…

There was a lot of food stuff,for me,a bag of rice, vegetable oil, noodles, pastas,and some other vitals,I was very happy for the gifts,I changed into something nicer, Mimi and Abigail Changed too and we all went with Mrs Johnson and Charis to the orphanage home….

There I met people who were orphans like me,I couldn’t help but feel grateful for having a uncle like mine,who took care of me like his,and gave me a life,if not for his wife’s hate,my life would have been a lot better….

I had compassion on some very beautiful babies,whose mother’s had dumped by the road,trash bin and what have you,some people are wicked I thought within, carrying a child for months, going through the pains of labor room,only to dump the child like a piece of trash,the world is indeed unfair…. 


Mrs Johnson and Charis invited us to their house, apparently they were having a dinner party in celebration of the birthday day anniversary,I agreed to go,but pleaded if father could come along,as I wouldn’t want to leave him all by himself….

Of course Ese,you and Mr Edosa makes father and daughter relationship so beautiful.mrs Johnson said..

We went home,took some clothes,and told father we were going to Mrs Johnson for a party,and he was willing to go with us….  

It was a beautiful and big party,it was both Charis welcoming party and birthday celebration all together…. 

The men and women of high class in the society were in attendance, there was enough to eat and drink, it was an amazing one.. ..

The party ended at about 11:30pm,most of the invited guest still found their way home , only a few waited till morning.. 

It was a mansion and as such quite a number of guest rooms,I , Abigail,and Mimi occupied one,father occupied another,and other relatives occupied the rest….

At about 7am,most of the guests had left, except for a very few,I had to make food for Mimi,so I woke up earlier,fatter Abi and Charis were still fast asleep.    

I didn’t know Mrs Johnson was up already….

Goodmorning ma,I greeted her respectfully….

Good morning Ese, how was your night,hope you rested well,she asked….

My night was very fine thank you ma,I replied.. 

You are up so early,you must be hungry,she said .  

Oh no ma,I want to make food for Mimi, I said…

Mothers are great and super beings,no matter how tired we are,we must have to put our little ones first,she said….give me the food, I’d help you,she took the custard from me and made it,she added the milk, allowed it to get cold and took Mimi from me and fed her,I was all smile,it felt like my mother was feeding my baby, some tear drops betrayed me and fell down my eyes..  

What is it my child?,did I offend you,am I not feeding her well,she asked confused….

No ma, seeing her with you and how beautifully you feed her,makes me only wish my mother was still alive,this would have been the exact way she would have fed her, I said….

Hmmmmm,my daughter,I know how that feels,trust me I do,you are like a daughter to me,I loved you the very day I saw you,so see me as your mother,please,,she Said….

Thanks ma,I responded….

She soon finished feeding Mimi,bath her with the remaining hot water,my baby slept peacefully after the bath,I took her inside to join Abigail who was still sleeping….

I went back to Mrs Johnson,we were both seated at the dining,the helpers, about three of them were busy trying to put the house back in order….

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My darling,so tell me,how has life been with you,she asked….

I exhaled heavily…..

Ese,talk to me, what has been going on with you,she asked again..  

I explained my situation,and everything so far…

My daughter,you have seen things in this life time, your little shoulders has carried so much for too long,if you don’t mind, I’d like to take over from you,I want to be a mother to you,I want to love you like I love Charis,my daughter speaks so highly of you,she even told me how you gave her purse,she sees you like a sister,I know been an only child she would love to have someone around,I have always wanted a big home,like four,five or even six children, but my husband died young when Charis was just an infant, leaving me a young widow,and working hard to improve my financial standard with the money my husband left in my account made me so busy that I didn’t have the opportunity to love again,let alone have more kids, please, Ese,give me a chance to be your mother,she.said…..

It felt like I was dreaming ,I have never experienced love of a mother over 7 years since the death of my mother,I have had good men in my life like uncle and Nathan’s father who have giving me enough of father’s love,but for a mother’s love,this is the first time I’d experience it since mother’s death,tears of joy roll down my checks…..

I went to her and cried, hugging her tightly, it’s okay my daughter, it’s okay,,she said…

What am I missing here, Charis asked smiling as she walked towards us….

You now have a sister, Ese is now part of us, Mrs Johnson said…

Woowwww, that’s so sweet, thanks mom,and welcome to the family sis, Charis said…

I smiled happily…

Hope you’d be living here now,please say yes, please , please please Charis said….

Charis, I’d love to,I really would love to,but I have too many people on my shoulder, Abigail, Mimi,and father,they need me,so I promise to always come around,,,,I said…

If you are my daughter, that makes Mimi my granddaughter,and Abigail is your cousin, she’d definitely stay with you,my only concern is Nathan’s father,if he’d be willing to stay,this house has four extra rooms,aside mine, Charis’ and the helpers rooms,so my dear you are no burden at all,Mrs Johnson said…  

I looked at her and Charis,how do I start thanking them,do I even deserve this much love,I was very happy,indeed when God chooses to bless a person he doesn’t take a minute….

Abigail and father soon woke up,and the few persons around,we had our bath and had breakfast….

I went to father,and told him all that Mrs Johnson had said, that she has adopted me as her daughter,and she didn’t mind we all lived in the mansion,he was very happy for me,he hugged me tightly, saying I deserved all the good things coming my way,but he humbly declined living with us,I am a man my child,I have my Integrity to protect,I can’t possibly live here with you,I honestly appreciate you always having me at heart my child,he said….

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Okay, father,I understand,I really do understand where you are coming from,but please father, until you finish your drug,and be able to walk on your feet again please stay here,I can’t possibly be at peace until I know you are okay,at most in a month or two,please father,and after which I’d be happy knowing you can take care of yourself, please father,I pleaded…

 can I possibly say no to you,father asked sarcastically…

Thanks father,I was very happy…

I told Mrs Johnson that father had agreed to stay with us at least till be finishes his medicine,and she was Very happy… indeed she loves a big family

Ohhhhh,even when Charis returns to Canada,I will still have family around,she said….

Come on mom,you are sounding like I am leaving soon, I still have three months to be around, Charis said….

And you sound like three months is three years,Mrs Johnson replied,we all laughed….

I went home to inform the caretaker of the latest development,he was very happy for me,I gave him and mama Ada some foodstuffs, Nathan, Osato and their mother were starring at me as i took our clothes to Mrs Johnson’s place,they couldn’t even ask about father and mimi.i left everything in the apartment intact and some foodstuffs Incase father returns,since I still have some months ahead….

My uncle called that he was coming home,I gave him our new address….

He was very shocked at the mansion we were living,he appreciated Mrs Johnson so much,and Mrs Johnson reciprocated with a beautiful smile……

Life with Mrs Johnson was beautiful,when she called me her daughter,she meant it,I, Mimi Abigail were treated just like family,and she accorded father with maximum respect….

It’s been two months living with Mrs Johnson,I went to my fashion school,at about 1pm,I got a distressed call from Charis..

HELLO Ese,where ever you are come home as soon as possible, please,she hung up.. 

Father had been sick for two days,I couldn’t help but wonder what happened, could it be father grew worse,was it Mimi,my heart was practically in my hand,I called Mrs Johnson,she wasn’t picking,father was not answering his call too, something is definitely wrong,I thought,I took permission from my madam and ran out…

I took a taxi cab rushing home …

To be continued

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