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                Chapter 5


Rejoice Igbinovia Aluyi 

….. Nathaniel,you don’t know me,me,Ese,I asked bursting into tears again….

Please please please,sir take your daughter and leave my compound,you heard my son,he doesn’t even know your daughter,his mother shouted,,,,

Esohe,you see what you have done to yourself,the person you claim to be responsible,has denied ever knowing you,,,, uncle shouted….

Uncle I know what I am saying, Nathan is the only one that touched me,it was a about two months ago when aunty sent me out of the house one night, Nathan took me in,and in the process hadddddddd ….

Oh my goodness,so this child is still lying on me despite been exposed,, aunty shouted, Interrupting me…dear,the only time she didn’t sleep at home,was when she said she was going for a night vigil, that she was invited for a program and she wanted to go,I didn’t want her calling me wicked or telling you I was maltreating her,I had to let her go, how was I to know she had an hiding agenda,,aunty narrated while I was starring at her in disbelief… .


So Esohe,you lied to my wife you were going to a night vigil,only to end up in the house of a boyyyyyyy…..

Which boy are you talking about Mr man,I live here with my husband and two children,so there’s no way this girl slept in this house and I wasn’t aware,ask your daughter who impregnated her, perhaps before she would count from 1_10 she’d know who the father of her child is, Nathan’s mother shouted…..

“Mama Nathaniel,I go suggest make you ask you pikin question oh,this one wey him dey deny say him never see this girl before na lie, because this girl true true don come sleep this house,that time wey you,your husband and Osato travel go for burial, Nathaniel bring this girl come house,I see arm with my own eye,she come late and commote early the next day,so that one wey your pikin dey deny say him no know arm at all na big lie”,a woman,who was their neighbor said…

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Nathaniel,is there truth in what mama Ada is saying,did you bring this girl to my house when I travelled,his mother asked him shouting……

Mom,I I I I I I I can explain,it’s actuallyyyyyyyy

Tarrrrrr,his mother landed a resounding slap on his right Cheek,you had the mind to bring a girl to my house while I was away,oh,you want to become a father,you want to enjoy the pleasure of a woman,no problem, welcome to fatherhood,you and her would look for a place to stay, because my house is definitely not big enough for another responsibilityyyyyyy….

Well,now that it has been established,that you son is responsible for her pregnancy,this is where I take my leave,I have nothing whatsoever to do with her anymore, isoken, let’s leave here, uncle said ….

I held him kneeling down, uncle, please,have mercy on me,I am sorry, please uncle I beg of you,I said in tears….


No no no, there’s nothing to be sorry about,you wanted to be a wife and enjoy the things of adults,now you can have a dozen of it,uncle said removing my hands from his trousers and walking away with his wife….

Nathan’s mother gave the both of us that disgusting look,went inside and shut the door,the people who had come to watch the show started leaving one after the other, whispering and laughing…..

Nathan was starring at me in disgust,I was wondering what’s my offense was,as he was the reason we were in such a mess….

To be continued

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