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          Chapter 7..


 Rejoice Igbinovia Aluyi 

….I soon got to Uncle’s house,I opened the gate and walked in,,aunty was seating outside eating…

Good afternoon ma,I greeted..

She burst into laughter,the prodigal daughter,abi prodigal neice,which one will I call you,,,what are you doing in my house?, isn’t your husband’s house big enough,she asked….

Please ma,I am here to see daddy,is he in,I asked….

You are here to see daddy,you are so shameless,do you think my husband would want to see your shameless face,you good for nothing,I have always known you would end up as nothing,and spending on you was a total waste of time,but my husband wouldn’t listen,he kept saying she’s the only child of my beloved sister,see your life now,you are already an expecting mother as such age,you wouldn’t stop jumping from one man to another, sham eless prostitut e ,she quarried,and she wouldn’t stop insulting me…

How wicked can you be,you and I know,all you are saying isn’t true,I was a loyal child to you, but you refused to see me as your child,I am in this mess today because of you,if you hadn’t send me out that night,I probably wouldn’t have gotten myself in this situation,I said in tears…….

Oh get out here and take your miserable self out of my compound,you brought your evil to my home,the evil you used in killing your parents,you brought them to my home,to destroy my home,but unfortunately I am way too hard for you,I told you you’d leave my house,and it has happened,for your information,you uncle doesn’t want to see you in this compound,he said if you do,you wouldn’t like what will come your way,,, you’d better take your self out of this place,she shouted at me.,

I had no choice but to leave…

Back at Nathan’s house,I was treated like a maid,if not worse than a maid….

Osato stopped doing anything in the house, I’d wash dishes,join mother in cooking, fetch water, wash Nathan’s clothes, his parents clothes,and evey other thing…

One evening,while I was washing his mother’s clothes, Osato, brought so many of her own for me,I was already tired,I just wanted to finish mother’s clothes so I could go inside eat and rest,Osato just dropped her clothes and was walking away….

Osato, what’s the meaning of this,why are you dropping your clothes here,I asked her….

I Know you aren’t draft,neither are you blind, isn’t it obvious I added the clothes to the ones you are Washing so you can wash them too,she said…

Osato, are you okay,I have been working in this house since morning, while you did nothing,yet you had the audacity to bring your clothes for me to wash,I asked angrily…

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So,and soooooo, whether you like,be working since yesterday,just wash the clothes she said walking away….

I picked the clothes and threw them to the floor,away from mother’s own I was washing…

Esohe,you dare threw my clothes away,how dare you,you stupid and foolish girl, how dare you,she continued shouting raising her voice, until her mother came out….

Osato vbusunu,why are you shouting,she asked her….

Is not Esohe,she threw my clothes to the ground, because I politely asked her to help me wash them,she explained….

Esohe,you did what??,mother was asking, Walking towards me,…

mother she she she,,,,taaaaar,a slap landing my right cheek, interrupting me…

Just then,mama Ada came out..

“Mama Nathaniel no be so them dey do something,you no dey behave like mother at all,you no even let the poor girl talk,I see everything wey happen,ne Osato dey fine wahala,see as you land slap for her face, on top her condition,na so them dey do something”,mama Ada quarried…

“You never tell me the one way concern you for my family matter,e be like say you don carry my family matter put for head”mother said,soon a heated argument started between mother and mama Ada…with the intervention of other neighbors,it soon died down…

Mother was still angry,she wouldn’t stop talking inside the house till father and Nathaniel got back….

Honey this girl has turned me to a bad woman in this compound, because of her,that useless mama Ada was insulting me today,,, Nathan’s mother explained to her husband and Nathan..

What happened Ese,father asked,and I explained…..

So Osato,you can no longer wash your clothes by yourself,when you are not sick,neither are your hands hurting,you asked your elder brother’s wife to wash your clothes?,father asked her….

Honey what is bad in that,I mean,is that what you will say in this matter,this girl made me an object of discussion in this compound today, don’t tell me you are taking her side,mother asked…

Come on honey,it’s not about taking sides, it’s about calling a spade a spade,,,I am aware that Esohe has been the one doing most of the chores in this house,so you won’t expect her to also wash Osato’s clothes,and as for you Osato, let’s this be the very last time you’d ask Esohe to wash your clothes,you can do that by yourself,father scolded Osato….

Getting inside the bedroom, Nathan was very mad at me..

So you want to cause problems In my family,what is wrong in washing my sister’s clothes,he asked angrily…..

Nathan,do you think it’s easy doing all I do in this house in my State,I am human,I get tired,you have no idea what it’s like to get pregnant,and be treated like trash by those Who’re supposed to be your pillars of supporttttttt,,,,,,

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He held my arm in a painful manner…

You are hurting me,let me go,you are hurting me,I kept saying

You will dare not speak to me in such manner you destiny killer…you want to get married right,I am waiting for father to get an apartment for us,then you will know the mess you are in, because of you,my uncle who had promised me university scholarship had withdrawn it,my parents are not willing to sponsor me either,all because of you,by the time I am done with you,you will wish you never met me,he said and walked out…..

I was practically shivering,I was actually hoping Nathan and I getting our own apartment will help us bound,and be a small happy family while we plan for our future,but with those words from him,I didn’t know what to wish for…..

Few weeks later,father gave mother money to go register me for antenatal,,,mother didn’t take me…

Father came back from work and asked me how the day went, meanwhile mother had asked me to tell him she had registered me….

It was,it was,it was fine,I stuttered…..

Somehow father knew I wasn’t saying the truth…

Oh really,,,so which hospital did you register with,and where you checked, how’s my Gran child doing,he asked….

Eheennn I took her the the general hospital at Benin sapele road,mother cut in….

I believe he wasn’t still sure,, Esohe get your card let me see,,he said..

Haba, honey,what do you want to do with the card,she asked him..

I just want to see,at least to be very sure,he said…

Are you telling me,you don’t believe me,she asked him angrily….

I believe you honey, but Esohe,I just want to see the card,go get it,he insisted…..

Eheennn, honey the thing is I couldn’t take her there today,I was busy,but first thing tomorrow I’d go and register her,mother said…..

Eheennn,I see, okay,get me the money,I shall take her there myself tomorrow,he said….

But mother could not give an account of the money, apparently she had spent it…

Father was angry,there was a hated argument in the house that evening,,I was so worried that the chaos was because of me,I know too well mother would pour her anger on me when father leaves the house…

The next day indeed,father took me to the general hospital and got me registered,he bought me food,gave me money to go home,and a little extra, before he went to work…

Getting home,mother was already charging,,,so you daughter of Jezebel,you didn’t only come to ruin my son’s life,you have also come to snatch my husband, but before you would do that ,I will kill you first,she said and walked inside….


Mother cooked that evening but didn’t give me anything to eat,I didn’t want any trouble,so I just bought something from the money father had given me..

Father came back that evening from work,and told us he got a call from his elder brother’s wife in Lagos that he is very sick,so he’d be leaving for Lagos,first thing in the morning,oh I felt so weak,as he is my only support in the house,his traveling would mean,I shall be alone,,but he had to go….

The next morning, father was set to travel,when are you coming back,I asked him..

My child,I wouldn’t know until I get to Lagos,but hopefully in a week’s time he said…

As I predicted, everything turned from bad to worse,I became a slave to mother, Osato and even Nathan,to make matters worse,I was deprived of good food,for the first few days,I was surviving from the little money father gave me,but soon it got exhausted,I was working too hard on almost on an empty stomach….

One afternoon,I was really hungry,my eyes were turning me too,I was losing strength,mother had gone out, Nathan was out too,and Osato wasn’t back from school, there wasn’t any food in the house, I didn’t know what to do,just then,I saw something like money in a book in our bedroom,I opened it and Indeed it was money,two thousand Naria,I took a thousand Naria,and went to a provision shop first,I bought a tin of liquid milk and malt,my uncle usually give my cousins and I that when ever we complain of Lossing strength and turning eyes,I mixed them both,and drank.after some minutes I regained myself,but was still feeling hungry,I went to madam 2,down the street and bought something to eat…

Later in the evening, Nathan came home and was looking for his money,I told him I had used a thousand Naria to get myself food andddddddddddd

A hard slap landed my cheek, causing me to bit my tongue,he pushed me to the ground and pounced on me, hitting my stomach and body,I cried for help in pain,then suddenly I passed out………

To be continued

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