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Story: Wrong Number Episode 25

Story: Wrong Number Episode 25


Episode 25

Some weeks later, Mr Paul and I were at Daniel’s house. We were all chatting, gisting and laughing while I and Daniel were doing a little lovey dovey.

“I’m I missing something here?” Mr Paul faced the two of us asking nobody in particular.

“We are now dating” Daniel informed

“Wow! At last, I wondered what took you guys so long” he said and congratulated us.

“Thank you” we both chorused.

“I think I should be on my way now, so I can give you guys some time alone” he said.

“No you don’t have to go, we don’t need any time alone” I said

“I never intend to stay long before. I think we should all have a dinner together, now that you two are now an item. My fiancée will tag along as well”

“Good idea, we are in” Daniel jumped at the offer.

“Lets make it next weekend then”

“Next weekend is fine. Daniella is it ok by you” Daniel asked me

“Yes, it’s OK, I should be free next weekend, I really want to meet Mr Paul’s fiancé too” I said

“Next week it is then, good bye. You guys should have fun and please Daniella enough of this Mr Paul”

“I’ll try, because I’m already used to calling you Mr Paul”

“Please try” He said

“And please Mr…. Sorry Paul, hope you still have me in mind, you promise to get me a job” I reminded him.

“That’s not my fault o, Daniel doesn’t want you to work for anybody”

“So you guys have been talking behind my back, right”

“Don’t make it sound like we are gossiping” Mr Paul replied

“Men discuss, we don’t gossip” Daniel added.

“Whatever, Mr Daniel! do you have another job for me” I asked him.

“So I’m the Mr now!”

“Just answer my question” I hitted him playfully

“Relax, I’m still thinking, I’ll come up with something”

“Mr…sorry, Paul did you hear that?

He will fix it, don’t worry. See you guys next week” Paul stood up and adjusted his shirt.

We saw him off to the parking lot. The gateman opened the gate for him and he zoomed out.


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