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Story: Wrong Number Episode 31

Story: Wrong Number Episode 31


Episode 31

#Every Saint had a past and every Sinner has a Future #


I sat down besides him and he portioned the pounded yam into two. We started eating quietly.

“Your ex boyfriend came to the office some days ago”

“He did what!” I exclaimed almost throwing out the lump of pounded yam in my mouth”

“He actually came to gave me a warning”

“What warning?”

“To leave her girlfriend alone of course”

“Tunde has finally gone crazy, who is his girlfriend?”

“He told me about the abortion too and I told him that’s a stale news”

“God!” I said with my head bowed.

“Its okay, that’s bygone now”

“I’m sorry for the embarrassment, hope he didn’t make a scene at the office?”

“He tried to, but I was quick to call the securities on him”

“I’m so sorry”

“Daniella, I was angry not just because of the abortion but because you couldn’t trust me enough to tell me”

“I was planning to tell you before He even show up, but it was just hard for me to say”

“Daniella, you should thank your star that you are smart enough to tell me before that guy, cos if that guy approached me first, then it’s over between us”

“Do you mean that?”

“Yes, I mean it.That’s why I told you to tell me if there’s anything I need to know”

“I’m sorry sweetheart, I promise to always be transparent. So are we good now?”

“No we are not, you’ll have to make me dinner with this delicious egusi soup before you leave” he said smiling.

“So this pounding of yam is one of my punishment right”

“Yes or do you want me to increase the punishment?”

“Daniel thank you for accepting me for who I am”

“Baby! You already know I love you, It’s your past and I can’t dwell on it. We have a whole future ahead of us”

“I love you sweetheart and I promise not to disappoint you again” I couldn’t help but cry he was just too sweet.

“I love you more, don’t cry we are good now” He said.

“This is our first fight, right?”

“Yes” I nodded

“Huh! It wasn’t good, you took my heart away with you the day you left my office”

“Same here, I thought I won’t survive it” I said

“So no more fight, whatever issues we have we’ll trash it out immediately, hun!”

“Noted”i smiled

“In sere o! thank you for the delicious meal” he said

“Did you just speak in Ekiti, Mr! you are unbelievable” I said surprisingly

“I understand little” he said smiling.

“Your grandma? I guess”


I cleared the dishes, this time he joined me in the kitchen.

We went back to the sitting room, we started talking, he told me everything that happened during the week. He got another contract from a multinational company in Lagos.

I also gave him the gist about Tunde and his girlfriend who absconded with his money.

“Dance with me” he said and pulled me up.

“Sure” I said smiling.

He reduced the volume of the TV and played a track by Ed sheeran- Thinking out Loud on his sound system.

He held me in his arms as we dance slowly to the rhythm of the song.

(Music playing)

….And I’m thinking ’bout how people fall in love in mysterious ways

Maybe just the touch of a hand

Well, me—I fall in love with you every single day

And I just wanna tell you I am

So, honey, now

Take me into your loving arms

Kiss me under the light of a thousand stars

Oh, darling, place your head on my beating heart

I’m thinking out loud

But maybe we found love right where we are

Oh, baby, we found love right where we are……

He kissed me passionately, I kissed him back in tears. Finally I found love” I said to myself.

“I love you from the very first day I heard your voice” he said and wipe my tears with his palm” he said

“I love you from the very first day I set my eyes on you” I confessed.

And that is the truth, I bottled it up all this while. Yes, I fell in love with him the very day I laid my eyes on him.


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