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Story: Wrong Number Episode 38

Story: Wrong Number Episode 38


Episode 38

The next weekend I went to the Daniel’s place, I met Paul at the mansion.

They both welcomed me and I tabled Tunde’s issue.

“Please guys I need your help” “You want us to help him get a job, after everything he did to you” Paul said “Let him get himself a job Daniella, I don’t know why you made it your duty” “Hello o…this is Nigeria getting a job here is not that easy except you have connections” “Paul has connections then, he’ll help” “And you don’t have?” Paul tackled him “Daniella, stay away from that guy, I don’t want him to hurt you.

Youve done enough for him already” “He’s not that kind of a person, it was frustration that led him into what he did then.

He can’t hurt him.

“Daniel is right you have to be careful around him” said Paul.

“You guys don’t get it, this is a guy I used to love, I can’t just abandon him” “Let me have his CV” Paul said “Thanks,you are a darling” I handed the CV to him and gave him a peck on the cheek.

“I’m sorry I can’t help, you know he can’t work for me” Daniel said “I know but you have people who can, you can talk to your clients.

I know you want to help him, you are just hurt because of what he did to me in the past” I said with all seriousness.

He stretched forth his hand and I handed the CV to him.

“I’ll send the soft copy to your emails too” I said to them.

Paul looked at Daniel and asked “Who says women don’t have a forgiven spirit?” Paul stated.

“My fiancée is one of the exceptions” Daniel replied him.

“See it takes the grace of God to forgive.

Fine he hurt me in the past but who am I not to forgive him.

As long as God forgives our sins then we have to learn to forgive others too” I explained.

“That’s the spirit and I’m proud of you my baby ” Daniel said and hugged me.

I told Daniel we’re having a midterm break in school and he insisted I spend the mid term break with him.

“You have a whole IT firm to run, remember? i said “I can work from home, you know.

I want to spend time with you.

If you don’t come, that means I wont see you this week, you already have plans for Saturday or are you no longer going for the workshop you told me about?” He asked “I’m going” I replied “The break is Friday and Monday, so spend the Friday with me and you can have Monday to yourself” “Why are you so good at planning my schedules for me.

Ok, I will get back at you sweetheart” I told him I can’t promise him anything yet but I’ll get back at him to let him know if I’m coming or not.

We talked about other things for a while before he ended the call.

I informed my mum, I’ll be going to Daniel’s place on Friday.

“I thought you’ll use the midterm break to rest” my mummy queried.

“My plan was to stay indoor too but Daniel change my plans.

Midterm break is Friday and Monday.

I will use that Monday to rest” I explained.


Eh! Just be careful o, no daughter of mine will get married with pregnancy o.

I’m not in support of premarital sex, the bible says keep the marriage….


Bed undefiled, Mummy I know and there’s nothing to worry about” “Just be careful oko mi, oju oni ti e o” (you will not be put to shame o) “We already set our boundaries mummy, relax ehn” “I’ve heard you, just be careful” “Ok ma” Mothers will always be mothers.

I sighed


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