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Story: Wrong Number Episode 41

Story: Wrong Number Episode 41


Episode 41 

I make out time during the week to see my fiancé in his office.

I got to his office and told him about Sharon’s sexuality status.

“Lesbian! What the hell!” He shouted.

“Please keep your voice down and take it easy” “Did you just say I should take it easy, we were properly raised by our parents and grandma.

Despite the fact that we were brought up in a land of freedom” “I understand” “I can say I’m proud of the man I’d become, why is she different, we had the same upbringing” “Daniel, you are funny, even twins don’t have the same character.

See in the family there’s always a black sheep.

It’s the parents that won’t relent on such kid” But you guys are perfect, your sibling are wonderful” I smiled, Daniel thinks we are perfect, well all thanks to God.

He needs to hear my younger brother’s story, thank God he knew my past.

“My younger brother at a point started exhibiting waywardness.

He’s the only boy and I think that God into his head.

It got to a stage my Mom almost regret having a male child.

My Mom prayed and fasted.

They never spared him.

With prayers, discipline, corrections and all he changed.

He’s doing well for himself now and we are all proud of him” “Really!” He was surprised.

“The devil is cunning and most time he uses the children to work against the family, but one thing is sure if the parents never relent on those children, and trained them up in the way of the Lord, then they’ll definitely come around” “Wow! I’m glad you are the mother of my unborn children” “Daniel it only take God’s grace to raise godly children” He sat down on the sofa and I sat beside him.

“What could have led Sharon to this lifestyle for Heaven’s sake” “Maybe she was influenced one way or the other.

All she needs now is our help and support” “You know there was a time, that thought came to me but I shoved it off.

How can I be so negligence about my own sister.

Gosh!” he hitted his hand against the table in front of him.

“Really!” “Yes I saw the signs but I ignored it” “What signs?” I asked “She doesn’t have any close male friends, even on her phone, the only pictures you get to see are females.

There is this guy, who often visit our home in New York back then, he liked her so much but my sister never gave him audience.

I never saw or heard her go on a date.

I thought she avoided male friends because she did not want to be distracted by guys.

I never knew she was into women” “Please keep this to yourself for now, I believe things we get better” “Of course I have to keep it to myself, my mom will develop sudden high blood pressure if she hears this.

In fact she’ll collapse and im not ready to loose my Mom” “And please take things easy with her when you get home tonight, she must not run away” “I will try” “Don’t just try, let’s cease this opportunity that she’s here with you in Nigeria to fix her” “Ok, I understand” “I already talked to my Pastor, and a counsellor in my church, we can use their help.

I believe she’ll be fine” He hugged me from behind.

“Thank you very much my love, what would I do without you” “Don’t thank me, she’s my sister too” “What else can I do to help” he said and turned me around to face him.

“You can get her Christian books that emphasized on ways to stop this act and inspirational book as well.

Also our responsibilities is to pour out love without measures to those who are struggling with homosexuality” “Thanks babe” “You are welcome.

I need to run now” I left his office relieved.

I’m glad he handled it well


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