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Stunna 4 Vegas – Rock em 2 sleep Lyrics

[Intro: Stunna 4 Vegas & Ratchet Man]

(Keyway, you a genius)


I see red though

I bleed red

Brrat, brrat

4, 4X

(Kobi fire like he bang)

What? Rock ’em to sleep

What? On purp

Get down (Uh), get ’em outta here

On purp

Rock ’em to sleep

On purp, on purp (Uh-huh)

On purp (Yeah)

Stand on top or get down

Okay, on purp, on purp

Yeah, yeah

Make it fire

[Verse 1: Ratchet Man & Stunna 4 Vegas]

Said, “Rock ’em to sleep” (Rock ’em to sleep)

Fuck is you talkin’ ’bout? Switches and bitches on me when I sleep (Cheese)

She won’t do it for you, but she do it for me (Thot)

Tell the truth how it is, I influence the streets

I’m on Qs and my Ps (Uh-huh)

I tuck these VVs, then go hop out the V (Come on)

Know uppin’, squeezin’, get put on a tee (Boom, boom, boom)

Touch his top, now it latch when we rock him to sleep (Boom, boom)

Uh-huh, talk, “Put him to bed” (Put him to rest)

We left him on the scene and fled (Gone)

I’m sippin’ purple purp, nigga playin’ with me fuck around and get hit with a yeah (Nigga get hit with a yeah)

Fuck around and get hit with a shh (Uh-huh)

I get caught with this ho and go fed (What else?)

Get caught with that switch and it’s over (Uh)

I told ma I’m a thug ’til I’m dead (Thug ’til I’m gone)

Uh-huh, I told ma I’m a thug ’til I’m gone

Every day I hear, “Cheese” on the phone (I hear, “Cheese” on the phone)

Smug the slut, tell her, “Leave me alone” (Zip)

Nigga get out his top and we bustin’ his dome

Nigga get out his top and get left in here (Nigga get left in here)

It’s 4X, that nigga got fire in everywhere (Boom)

That nigga’s diamonds blurred, get him outta here (Get him outta here)

That nigga pussy and I see the pray in here

Come in your city with Stunna 4, we fuckin’ a hundred hoes

Ayy, turn that bitch up if they let us

Boy, you cannot put a switch on Berettas (Uh-uh)

Do a drill on a nigga’s ass in a Dior sweater

Purp boost the rate that’s in capital letters

Exotic Religions just to hide my metal

G-Star jeans to hide the treasure

We don’t need no drop, we gon’ ride and catch it

Save purp to the feds, let ’em ride the stretcher

Rappers come on Selinsky and hide they necklace (Bitch)

This four hundred, the zip, I can’t hide the streamer

I feel like we did her way, I threw out the scale

[Verse 2: Zuda & Stunna 4 Vegas]

Uh, hold on (Hold on)

They know we the heart of the streets (Uh-huh)

Put disrespect and you heart stop beatin’ completely (What else?)

Niggas get sprayed like a fitted

I had popped me a Perc’ ‘fore I jumped in that pussy, put her straight to sleep like a lullaby

Play with me and I promise you gonna die

I’ma let bullets fly, I’m not that other guy

I don’t leave out the house without the blicky

Give a fuck ’bout a felony, I’m takin’ that risk (Come on)

Put my trust in my purp ’cause I know it gon’ bliss

Gotta know what you doin’ when you aim it and switch

Try to run from this bitch and you still get hit

Can’t run from a fully (Can’t run when I aim)

Uh, pin on the K, hold two Ms when I should (Boom, boom, booom)

Chase the Perc’ with the drank, goddamn, I booted (Fuck goin’?)

Thot bitch eat dick while jam my music (Thot, thot)

Bitch nigga get slammed when we ran into it (Pussy)

Hop out the car, everybody get vfft (Ayy, hop out the car, everybody get down)

Everybody get vfft

Hop out the car, everybody get boom-boom-boom (Fuck, I hit a lick)

Everybody get down

‘Fore my round, I’ll let off a round (Tah, tah)

Fuck nigga playin’, we knockin’ him down

Tappin’ him out, he will never be found (Tappin’ him out)

X him off the list, shit get caught outta bonds (X)

I can’t trust ’bout a bitch, we be boppin’ ’em out (Mop)

He get shot in his shit just for talkin’ too much

I give a fuck what he tallkin’ about (What he keep talkin’ about?)

[Verse 3: Ratchet Man & Stunna 4 Vegas]

Half a lil’ man, that’s the way who’s found

Nigga reach for a chain, I might spray at the crowd (Might spray at the crowd)

Go back to the sweezy, shoot dice in the lounge

Touch a bitch ’til the sweep, we be smuggin’ her out (We be smuggin’ her out)

I’m a king, she a queen, I’ma give her a crown

She just addicted to checks, but can’t catch in the mall

She be eatin’ the sack, then we kickin’ her out

She can’t answer the phone, she got dick in her mouth (Wow)

I bust it twice and it’s back to the trap

Nigga trip in this bitch, I might leave with a hat

Up the stick on the bed, he get back (Get back)

[Verse 4: Zuda, Stunna 4 Vegas & Ratchet Man]

On the ground with the stick, but I bet he be lackin’

I fucked her one tiime, she got 4X tatted

Her brother a hot, plus I heard that be ratted

Bro keep my brother the plug, come get you a pack

Gutter rap, but low-key, I heard that he be whackin’ shit

Nigga, stop all that cap ‘fore this shit be a casket in

Trenches be like thot ho the way we keep taggin’ in (Taggin’ in)

Shots out too loud, bitch, that’s why we wrappin’ it

My purple chargin’ for shit, been in handlin’

Real life shit, nigga prolly can’t handle this

These 7.62s, they really do damages

I might pop me a blue, then turn to a animal

But I still got red all in my bandana

[Outro: Stunna 4 Vegas & Ratchet Man]

I got mens, I love my family

We really hold purp ‘nem for ransom

I might not even fuck, ho, I got standards

After you, I’m tryna fuck your auntie

I’m high as a hawk, I ain’t from Atlanta

I feel like dead inside this Phantom

We gon’ hop out this foreign with stick and blam ’em

Do a drill out this bitch, it’s rainy

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