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Tasha Cobbs Leonard Ft. Ciara – In Spite Of Me Lyrics


I don’t cross every T

I don’t dot every I

I’ve got more flaws than a little

And I messed up a thousand times

I don’t always commit

Sometimes I give up way too quick

And then I get tired of trying to run away

From who I am to who I wanna be

Some days are better than others

I can be up then I’m down

But beyond my mistakes

I’m found in Your grace

And this one thing will never change

You still love me in spite of me

You still chose me how can it be

Every scar every flaw

You see it all You see it all

You still love me love me

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In spite of me

I’m stubborn at heart

I’m quick to put up a guard

I do it all by myself

I won’t ask for help

And sometimes my mouth is smart

I can be insecure

Counting other people’s blessings

And never stop to notice what I got

Let me hear you say yeah (yeah)

Can I get a witness

You didn’t give me what I deserve

Love so relentless

Got me singing hallelujah

It’s hard to believe

You have a choice

And daily

You choose me

Never gave up on me

Never gave up on

Never gave up on

Never gave up on me

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