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Teni – Dads Song Lyrics


Guess what?

I’m dropping my first album in a bit

I got a couple hits

And I know you wish, you wish that you were here for this

Just to witness this

Daddy, last night, I had a dream

And you were next to me

Telling me things

Things I cannot see about the future

That I’m a king

And I’m a king in a queen


Eru o ba mimo

You are standing by me

Ooh, wee


Eru o ba mimo, oh

You are always next to me


E le le le

When my daddy died

Ooh, no

Many people cried, oh

Eeee ahh

It was very, very sad

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Oh, no, no

I’m glad that I’m alive

To keep on pushing all your dreams

And I can become everything that you wished and more

So that you can see

So that you can see

You are always with me

Eru o ba mimo

Eru o ba mimo, yeah

Eru o ba mi, yeah

Olomo lo ma laiye lo ma laiye oh




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