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THE DRIVER ERA – Back to You Lyrics


Back from the down low
I’m upside down though
Stranger things have happened here
Screams, they’re so loud
I’ll probably fall out
Night is like a fairytale

Drinking too much, I’m a mess
People are staring, I’m famous
Want to be no one instead
Wish I didn’t like compliments

‘Cause I look for love in all the
Wrong places, wrong places
Get high to pass time it’s not right
I should get back to you
Back to you (I should get back to you)

Back to you
Back to you
Back to you
Back to you
I look for love in all the wrong places

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Credits & Song Knowledge
Song Title: Back to You
Performed by: THE DRIVER ERA
Written by: Rocky Lynch, Ross Lynch
Genre: Alternative
Album: Summer Mixtape
Release Date: 16 September, 2022

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