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Timaya – Bow Down Lyrics





Can I have my ear phones loud please

Let’s make it louder

God is the greatest

I will not bow down


Thank you Lord for the blessings that fall my way

Right now i’m living like my life is a holiday

Oh yeah yeah yeah

I will not bow down

I will not bow down

Some worship idols

Some worship juju

Sometimes I look at them like say them be mumu

Because how you go just dey worship a man made god oh


I can not bow down my brother

I will not bow down

Babalawo power oh.

Oh Yeah

Maniru power oh

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Mami water power oh

I will not bow down

I cannot bow down

I will never bow down yeah yeah

I cannot bow dow

Chai! Chai! Chai!

Looking at the mirror

What do you see

Uhn what do you see

Same thing about you

That’s what you see

That’s what you see

Whatever you believe in

So is gonna be

Han han

So is gonna be


Why should I bow down


I will never bow down

Babalawo power oh…

Maniru power oh.

Mami water power oh.

Don’t you ever bow down

Don’t you bow down

Some get brain

But they can’t think

Some get mouth

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But they can’t speak

Some get brain

But dem no go fit think


But they can’t think


They expect me to bow down

Me I never never bow down

Sometimes me I look at them like clown


See see

No matter how dem push me

They can’t bring me down

No matter how dem try

They cannot just bring me down

Babalawo power oh….

Iru power oh….

Mami water power oh….

Don’t you ever bow down

Don’t you ever bow down


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