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Timaya – God You Are 2 Much Lyrics


My God you are too much yeh eh eh,

ahn han han. God you are three much

yeh eh eh, ahn han han. Thank God

for talent yeh eh eh, ahn han han,

chei Timaya don explode yeh eh

eh, ahn han han, chia eh olotu dan

kpoda yeh eh ah, ahn han han. Gbarakuma

gbarukuma dan kpoda eh, yeh eh

eh, ahn han han.

Apart from music I no see wetin

I for do eh . Apart from sing

I dey sing, I dey sing, I dey sing,

I dey sing. Chai! Apart from music

I no see wetin I for do eh. Everybody

rise up (her), everybody rise

up (he), everybody make una mentel

because Timaya dey make una mental

e eh. Udunkulu eh, Timaya make

you gbangbocha eh. Egberi Papa

gbangbocha eh. Everybody make

una leave me eh. Chai oo. Music

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too much for my body eh, chai, I

no fit explain am.

Well I say, I discover my talent

eh, when I was very very young ye.

My mama say na school o, make I flow,

make I become banker ye, dem wan

me to take over my papa wetin e be

ye. Chai! Well I try to dey go school

my brother, I no fit ye. Book e no

enter my brain, my brother make

e no be by force ye, I decided to

sing, my brother this na true story

eh. Kay Solo my brother abeg make

you tell them the story eh, na wen

I went to Alaba to go look for one

marketer, na so dem say my music

e no follow at all ye. Chai! E no

reach my Lagos, now make dey see

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me eh. Every marketer na so them

just dey follow me, now them want

to buy me. Everybody dem want to

sell me. I say if not for Danco Music

where I for dey. If not for Wisdom

Odogwu where I for dey today. Chai!

Dem don dey see me eh, everybody

dey love me eh. Make una just free

me like my brother Terry G. chai!

Tjoe na my friend io, ABHU Ventures

na my paddy o. what about Obiano?

Everybody na my friend eh. They

want to tie my song, my brother

na chineke me, ye.

Well I sing say my name na Timaya,

just because I’m getting higher.

Na me be the Egberi Papa 1 of Bayelsa

people eh. Dem call me their tonyontonyon

soldier eh, eh dem say I dey connected

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just like Turaya, e no get wire.

My guy, I no get to tire eh. Everybody

just look at me like say I be over

tire. Chai! Make una dey dance

io. Everybody come feel me io.

My music e too dey sweet for your

ear, e be like say na juju oh, no

be juju o, na Jehova God day do am

oh. Everybody make we dance and

wine and make you dance to the gbedu


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