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Timaya – Hold Me Now Lyrics


Hold me now….hold me now

Baby hold me now

Hold me now

She say hold me now

She say make i squeeze her now

She say baby kiss me now

She say she wanna love me now

Hmmm love me now

She say she like the way me take it down

Baby girl you wanna love me now

She follow me follow me pull it down

Hmmm hmmm


The girl dem a whining. Abracadabra….huhnhuhn huhn


The way she dey do it.abracadabra(leggo

Bracadabra huhnhuhn


The girls dem a like it.abracadabra


Cool me now

Give it to me now

She say she wan do me now

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Every time she a call me now

Tell me that she a love me now

Girls dem a want to dey call me now

Telling me that she no loving me loving me

Baby girl you wanna follow me follow me….ahnahn

Love me now

The girls dem want me now

Dem a fit a call me now

Anywhere they wanna follow me now


Tell your mama….abracadabra

The people dem loving me….bracadabra….hmmhmmm

Bracadabra….you say….bracadabra

The girls dem a loving me….bracadabra

The way me i do it….abracadabra

Ukwu ukwu ukwu

Whine up your ukwu….leggo

Ukwu ukwu ukwu

Shake up your ukwu…

Call me now

The girls dem love me now

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Let your booty turn me now

The girls dem no wanna leave me now…

Come touch me now

I like the way me i fling it down

Anytime when me i come around

All my ladies dem want to dance around

From nigeria

Down to America, girls in ghana

Everybody dem wan wan dance around

The people dem wanna bring it down….hmm


Canada girls are bad

Dance around

Joromi joromi fling it down….leggo

Ahnahn ahnahnahn

Ahnahn huhuh

Ahnahn ahnahnahn


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