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Timaya – Shake Your Bum Lyrics


The way you wine wine they make me go down low (down low)

The way you wine wine they make me go down low (down low)

All my ladies shake yuh bum bum

The girls them shake their bum bum

Big girls they shake their bum bumM

No matter where you come from hun

O nah nah nah nah

Onor nor nor this girl she are calling my phone number

This girl she don’t let me go

Then say she want make I ping her

She want me 2 answer

Everything she want make I ring her

But if you shake your bum bum

Baby shake up your bum bum bum bum, bum bum yeyeye

The way she they wine

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Make me want mess up my mind

The way you dey roll your behind you fit make a man to go blind

Me love the beat the way she wine ]

Make my music sweet oh

The way she dance it oh everybody them are loving it oh

Yeah shake all tyg bum bum everybody rump hump hump y

Shake all the bum bum bumbum

See way you wine wine tthey make me go down low (down low)

onor nor nor wine wine they make me go down low O

Shake all your bum bum E no matter where you come from shake all your bum bum the bum bum see


O nah nah nah nah yeah yeah yeah

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My body hahin dey here but my mind my mind no here me, I 4K idinlala hey idinlala anyhow I will give it to you hey

Cause I know what you want hey

Am still on the bum bum all the girl shake your bum bum bum bum hmm hay

Hey hey hey


Everybody wanna dance hey hein wanna dance hey

shake up your bum bum cause your bum bum

This song is on your bum bum listing up now the way that you want it,

I want it too the way that you love it

Am loving it too the way that you screaming

dancing and jumping baby girl me I be they want you too

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See as she don they dance kerewa

She don they put man for big whahala

See anything way she are dancing her dancing

the men go want collect her number

Bum bum bum, bum bum bum bum bum

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