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Tonga National Anthem English Translation


Original Tongan Words

‘E ‘Otua Mafimafi,

Ko ho mau ‘Eiki koe,

Ko Koe ko e falala ‘anga,

Mo e ‘ofa ki Tonga:

‘Afio hifo ’emau lotu

‘Aia ‘oku mau fai ni,

Mo ke tali ho mau loto

‘O malu’i ‘a Tupou.


Oh Almighty God above,

Thou art our Lord and sure defense,

In our goodness we do trust Thee

And our Tonga Thou dost love;

Hear our prayer, for though unseen

We know that Thou hast blessed our land;

Grant our earnest supplication,

and protect Tupou our King.

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