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Tory Lanez – Hot Toddy Lyrics

They call me T Lanez, copy

T Lanez copy

January 1st you better get your copy

Mr. Peterson

DJ Ill Will


Hot toddy, ya mama in the lobby

Girl I’ma kill that body ’til they’re calling it a hobby

They treat me like a God but ain’t calling me Muhammad

See you might be an artist that don’t mean that we platonic

Oh, my chain rocky got me feeling like the Onyx

I chauffeur to the telly to show her some new Ebonics

So we at the telly she tell me she really on it

I told her ’bout her jelly and to let me behind it

I told her “give me brain,” she started thinking beyond it

She told me let’s be honest oh really then let’s be honest

And then her friend walked in, damn that’s ironic

The bottoms of exotic its gotta make it erotic

Mama shake it for papi, I’m probably making your body

Make it crazy erotic to saddle up their variety

Passenger promised [?] soon as I get up inside of that drive it like a Bugatti and game it like an Atari it’s toddy

Lanez baby


Uh, Fresco now we gettin’ the best though

Time is Money and ain’t shit funny nigga


Better go cop that Mr. Peterson come January 1st, 2011

We gon’ shut it down, uh

DJ Rockstar

Shout out to my nigga Jay

Shawn what’s good my nigga

Kirk what’s poppin’

Yuni, Dave, Rimes what’s up


We gon’ do it real live baby

Mark my words

I’ma take over the world


You are now in tune

With your wifey favorite DJ

DJ Ill Will

DJ Rockstar

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