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Tyler, The Creator – WILSHIRE Lyrics



Mhm, fuck, yeah

[Verse 1]

Met you on a Saturday, knew it was somethin’ soon as you spoke it

Eye fuckin’ across the table, don’t think anybody noticed

You asked me if I was comin’ the city you from

Maybe we should kick it, I was interested, that would be dumb

If I denied long legs, good ears, great taste

Smell good, sense of humor, obvious a good face

And we clicked, we was at each other’s hips

I ain’t even wanna fuck ’cause your presence was enough

You and I make sense, you stayed back at my telly

We was chattin’ ’til mornin’, the vibrations was heavy

I wasn’t drownin’ or yawnin’, that’s when I told you my feelings

You told me you felt the same, but you got homie you dealin’ with

Damn, I didn’t know, that’s a bit unexpected

But I get it, it’s whatever, least I can do is respect it

We still gon’ kick it and check-in like nothin’ could ever stop it

The problem is he my friend, but if I’m honest, I’m really hopin’ you drop him

It’s morals I really have, it’s lines I could never cross

But you got somethin’ that make all them good intentions get lost

I try to keep it together, never felt this way

We spent ’bout two weeks together, only skipped one day

And they say, “Bros over hoes,” I’m like, “Mm, nah, hey”

I would rather hold your hand than have a cool handshake

But whatever, we still could be friends, it could still be chance

I’ma play it cool, we got somethin’, we cannot pretend, uh, uh


It’s, it’s like starting a race

And then when you take off, they like, “No, no, it’s not a end,” ha

It was too late and shit

[Verse 2]

FaceTimin’, it ain’t ’bout nothin’, you laughin’, packin’ your luggage

It’s nothin’ incriminatin’, but please delete our discussions

You hit me with a look and replied like, “Duh, bitch”

Don’t want your man to think that we creepin’ behind his back

Crossed the line, crossed the line, crossed the— nah, we never did that

Though I haven’t seen him in months, shit, it’s rare he never hit back

Anyway, convince him to bring you to me so we could kick it

Right in front of his lenses, nothing here is malicious

You sat by me in that movie, we went outside for them doobies

We walkin’ off when we talk, man, that nigga not fuckin’ stupid

He see it, he know it’s somethin’ we frontin’ like, “Ha-ha-ha”

Whenever we “Ha-ha-ha,” we subtly press his buttons

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Not on purpose, but, man, I found my purpose

If I fuck our friendship up for you, I think it’s worth it

But, nah, I can’t do that, that nigga don’t deserve it

And plus y’all got depth, I’m just the nigga on the surface, for real



I said surface, like, ’cause they got roots

Like, I’m the new nigga

But you know, they be fuckin’, haha

Yeah, yeah

[Verse 3]

Didn’t see you a couple weeks, think he want you away from me

Know y’all argue ’bout if you mad, you met him before you met me

I feel guilty, but not as much as I should

I tried to have that self-control, but not as much as I could

I been down for days, you in my city and I can’t see your face

I can’t eat knowin’ you with him and not at my place

I never been jealous of another man

Especially when I have everything I want at hand

Except you, you


You know, I got every damn car, multiple cribs

But it’s like, “No, I want that,” haha

[Verse 4]

He left for some days, I cleared out my sched’, I cleared out my head

You dropped off at mine, I say that we fled, “No, you pick a place”

Week in Tulum, a week in Capri, or die right here

As long as you with me, I’ll be at peace, huh

You was supposed to go back home to see your bestie

I told you I can’t hit that zone, too busy next week

You was like, “Hmm, I’ll stay a week, she’ll get over that”

Seven days with me, your nigga like, “Where the fuck you at?”

Dirtyin’ my bakin’ pots, tennis at my mama’s spot

Chauffeured in the Rolls, the back entrance for them restaurants

Parks playin’ chess games, givin’ wigs pet names

Manicures, night swims, Gerard providin’ methane

Shoppin’ ’til we droppin’, what you coppin’?

See, the price is not a option

It’s investments ’cause your smile is the profit to me

I know around him, you gotta act like you not into me

I know your answer, but you gotta keep it honest with me

Said you can’t fully be into me ’cause you with him

Then why the fuck when we link it’s like he doesn’t exist?

And y’all know that we friends, but we both aware that it’s more

Everything I got, if you say the word, then it’s yours

The only thing I’m missin’ in life, I know you could be it

And everyone around me that care about me can see it

I could fuck a trillion bitches every country I done been in

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Men or women, it don’t matter, if I seen ’em, then I had ’em

But with you, it’s a feeling ’cause we twinnin’ and we matchin’

You stayed in the car when I went on date with that actress

Whole time I’m eatin’, I couldn’t wait to get back

In the back of the car with you and talk about who we are

You told me when you with me, it’s like heroin

Told me that your confidence went up since we befriended, and

Told me that you didn’t wanna hurt him while we doin’ this

Told me this a awkward situation and you just wanna be through with it

Told me every time you not with him, it started problems, and

Told me every time you not with me, you always ponder

What type of sweater I’m wearin’, what music have I been finding

Girl, you know that I’m a player whenever, that’s what we bonded over

You said you told him the truth and you never lied

Now he lookin’ at you with them eyes

We never crossed the line, but he got every right to be a lil’ pissed off

He picked you up, y’all got an argument, he got his shit off

My energy like, “Get lost,” your energy just want peace

I couldn’t even tell you his energy ’cause he don’t speak

He ain’t even call you his bitch

Until he see me make you smile, that nigga threatened as shit

I’m in the wrong, though

I picked you up, your energy off

Your lips really dry, something is off

You ask if I gotta, I ask if you gotta

We trip on our words, nobody is lyin’, hakuna matata

We sat in the car and cried for a hour

My shirt look like a showerhead got it, we called it off

I’ll skip the details but that night I seen hell

You was in a room I was payin’ for, I took three Ls

Know I didn’t sleep well, woke up and my knees fell

They buckled to the ground, I cannot walk, shit, I need ‘Vil

Next day I’m drivin’ ’round the city with no destination back-up

Water in my eyes kept falling like Niagara

Vill right beside me makin’ sure I didn’t crash or

Do something heinous ’cause I’m emotionally jabbed up

You checked every box, I thought it was it

Felt like I got led on and pushed off a cliff

No, I’m in the wrong, that was a friend

No, fuck that, the energy we had, never again will find it

You in the wrong, gotta remind you ’bout the times that you stepped

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Gotta rewind it— aw, fuck

We talkin’ ’bout our kinks, real cautious with the links

You don’t do that type of shit when you in relationship

And you a hundred with your mate, so don’t go actin’ like no saint

‘Cause it’s a two-way street, and shit, you knew what I was on

And while that nigga out and gone, shit, you was loungin’ in my home

Shit, I even let you meet my mama and y’all got along

But shit, I take my L, though, it’s not fun

You still got your nigga and still had your fun

Shit, I can’t even look at you and think about bad words

That’s why I called and said we couldn’t end this on bad terms

We straight like a bad perm, we’ll always be good friends

And laugh about it on a sandy beach while our back burns, huh

This my perspective, this how I feel

I ain’t fabricate nothin’, I kept it real

I told you I love you and always will

And if he ever put his hands on you, promise I’ll get him killed, true

True, true, true, yeah


On God, I love that girl, f— mhm

I’m a sh— I’m a bad person, like, I’m in the wrong, I’m a bad person

I had no ill intentions, though

Shit, everybody got hurt

I got hurt, bruh

It’s a shit situation

All the morals and power you have just vanish when a certain energy is nearing

And those feelings got so much gravity and it’s out of your control

That made me realize adults don’t know what they doin’ either

We’re all just children

I ain’t mean to fuck nobody’s shit up, man

I thought I was bulletproof

She proved me wrong, man

I felt two hundred percent with her

It was beautiful

I was able to feel

But it was, it was bad timing

And I’m mad private with this side of my life ’cause people are weirdos, and

I just try to keep anyone I care about in the shadows

Safe from the commentary and spotlight and thoughts

‘Cause it’s just a story for the people outside of it

But I guess you’re just another chapter in the book

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