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$uicideboy$ – Eulogy Lyrics

3 AM drinking with this pistol on my lap

Six medications

Guess there ain’t no fixing that

It’s that broken mother fucker

Knuckling til I relapse

If I die they might cry til they inherit my stacks

Cold fucking world,

Tell me what’s the word?

Only time I speak my heart is when the message come out slurred

People pleasing

Always eager to fix a motherfuckers problems

Leave me at the bottom

More comfortable with gomorrah and sodom

I chew on fent and rot my teeth

All for moments of peace and slow heart beats

Got offered a god I dissed

Who gon save me?

All I could do was laugh and say “C’est la vie”

Woe is me I know you get the picture

This type of pain will earn you seven figures

Check my dna my rna come with predictors

This shit is scripture and for what I got there’s no elixirs

Feel like I’m not enough

Find myself playing my dad like honey boy and shia lebeouf

My mama crying as she watch the clock

Text my bro I love him even though he got my number blocked

I would give up everything to see my brothers clean

No second thoughts

It’s fuck the cost or take me

Leave ’em be

Take my money

Say you love me even if it’s lies

That connections so depressing but it’s all I got

When I die just play this fuckin song

I was never meant for this been torture just to carry on

Couple coupes, lotta zeroes, and a couple homes

None of it did shit for me

Cock the pistol now I’m-

Head in the clouds

It looks like it might rain again

Always holding back tears

It’s how I manage to pay the rent

Pay the bills

Place the bet so I don’t have to chase the check

Verified through $uicide

The glitz and glamour came and went

Wash my fucking soul and still that one stain is kept

I just wanna be loved

The root of all my pain except the type that come with age

In death I can finally lay and rest

I’m owed a little peace and I’m ready to erase the debt

I never planned on showing the world the face that hides behind the mask

I always thought the last thing I would hear would be the gun’s blast

Filling the black hole in my chest with sex and drugs but it never lasts

It never lasts


Two years ago big pharma should’ve just cashed me out

Now I got a deviated septum

Ima just rat me out

Pat me down

Ask me how I’m still depressed

All they see is my set

All they see is lack of debt

All they see is what they wanna see

Calling me a wanna be

I don’t wanna be in misery

Exit the pharmacy

Get a girl I wanna see

I wanna see how hard I bleed when she rips out my fucking heart

Enter the pharmacy

I’m a private person and take pride in my verses

Fuck your whole opinion

I don’t care if it worsens

I’ll ruin my reputation and make sure it’s on purpose

Fuck this shit

When I die just play this fucking song

I was never meant for this

Been torture just to carry on

Couple coupes, a lot of zeroes, and a couple homes

None of it did shit for me

Cock the pistol and I’m-

Credits & Song Knowledge

Song Title: Eulogy

Performed by: $uicideboy$

Written by: Aristos Petrou, Scott Arceneaux Jr.

Genre: Hip-Hop

Album: Sing Me a Lullaby, My Sweet Temptation

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