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Unknown T – GLEE Lyrics


[Intro: Unknown T and Digga D]

(N1 got the sauce, baby)


Glee, Glee



[Hook: Digga D]

We been in the streets

If you run up on me

Then I’m uppin’ my glee

Glee, glee, glee, glee

Glee, Glee

[Verse 1: Unknown T & Digga D]


Always run from the glee cah we been in the streets

We went from motives to studio, chillin’ I got no tan in a week

The bells come tun cah we glee on repeat

Grip a dusty one so they all look stunned cah my leng ting sweet

She heard mans cuffed pretty gyal wan’ jeet (Yo)

Shit shame that my heart gon’ freeze

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[Verse 2: Digga D]

Speak with your chest, I’ll rip it open

Fill up the barrel and smoke him

Must’ve thought I was joking when I said don’t get comfy and G-G—G******

4 or more wanna hold him

Don’t assault him, soak him

If you don’t poke him, I’ll poke him

Tek way his contract quick and revoke him

[Verse 3: Unknown T & Digga D]

See the TSG got my bloodstream runnin’

Warrant to kick that drum in

They ain’t found shit but of course we’re bunning

DI teams tryna do blue clues on us, ain’t that cute?

Thought we ain’t on nothin’

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The rambz untucked and the kickback stunning

No chit chat I rap, just splatter

The opps love talk like their wounds need numbing (Yo)

[Verse 4: Digga D]

Whatever the weather bro, I ain’t too bothered

The G lock that we got is a 19

Spread this virus, I’m calling it COVID

I’m whipping the flake ’til its solid

The dotty I got make me walk with a hunch

Slap one leave the crime scene horrid

Heard a bang, I won’t throw in a punch

Point blank we doing this in a foreign

[Hook: Digga D]

We been in the streets

If you run up on me

Then I’m uppin’ my glee

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Glee, glee, glee, glee

Glee, Glee

[Outro: Digga D]

Glee, glee, glee, glee

Glee, glee, glee, glee

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