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Wage War – Manic Lyrics


 Manic Lyrics – Wage War

Fear hits like a drug in the veins

Hard to stop like a runaway train

Look around but there’s nobody to blame

Oh what a shame

Spending nights just staring at the wall

Pay no mind to the demons in the hall

Yeah I’m numb I don’t feel nothing at all

Braced for the fall

Try to calm myself down but I feel the panic

Is it all up in my head am I going manic

It’s a war but I’m never on attack

Holding on but I’m slippin through the cracks

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Don’t wanna be another body in the stack

I’m never coming back

Out of body out of mind

Tellin’ everyone I’m fine but I’m

Sellin’ em a lie

Out of body out of mind

Think I’m running out of time

Oh God

I don’t wanna die

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