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Westside Gunn – Draymond Lyrics


[Intro: Rome Streetz]

Uh-huh, ayo, ayo

Ayo, check, ayo

[Verse 1: Rome Streetz]

With the right, I shake a millionaire’s hand, with the left, I serve a junkie

Walked the line, a lavish life of crime, remember them times

I had a bunkie on the tear, now my signature a souvenir (Haha)

Bitches wanna hang, bringin’ me neck like I got nooses near (Uh)

My shit is hypnotic, when I spit it, they got stupid stares (Yeah, yeah)

Bought they lies quickly and minimize when the truth appear

They say this shit a gamblе, you live your life in casinos (What)

Death is at thе door, I shoot the reaper through the peep hole (Brrah, brrah, brrah)

I see no equal, I play the game on hard, dont need no cheat code (Nah)

It’s easier to scam then flip a kilo (Yeah)

Dirt all over the C-notes, keep the clean stack separate (Uh-uh)

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For the record, I’m reckless, shit, natural scrap is effortless (Yeah)

Made the murder shit like a 38 specialist, what’s special is

I heard your new shit, I’m less than impressed with it (Shit trash)

All the fools under my shoe, I’m settin’ the precedent

They overdose, it’s fentanyl in the pills when they pressin’ it

[Verse 2: Westside Gunn]

Ayo, I had to split the cocaine pot like Roman Reigns (Ah)

Don’t get your chain popped, you know the name

You light as a raindrop, I’m on Biscayne, Rolls Royce, no top before the fame (Skrrt)

Two hundred with factory diamonds, three hundred for the plain (Ah)

You can never compare

Your shit wouldn’t add up, my mathematics is rare

Bob Backlund and Flair, MAC clappin’, beware (Brr, brr, brr)

Trash bag with the potatoes in the front, no air (Doot doot doot doot doot doot)

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We praisin’ both, after every body, we raise a toast

To the one they hate the most, word to Allah, got the Wraith and Ghost

My shooter had to sniff an eighth of coke to cope

Shit hurt when you gotta put your family in the scope (Doot doot doot doot doot doot doot doot doot doot)

[Verse 3: Stove God Cooks]

I had to pray over the work (We had to pray over the bricks)

We was drownin’ in that water whip, niggas had to surf (Yeah)

To a kilo from the dirt (God)

Runnin’ from the RICO, I still had perico on my shirt

Eleven hundred for an ounce, twenty thousand for a verse, chopper made his shoulder jerk

Smell of money in the air on the fifteenth and the first

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That bein’ broke shit was a curse, I done killed your favorite rapper

Got a body in the trunk, we bangin’ Esco in the hearse (We bangin’ Esco in the hearse)

She got the TEC inside the purse, the big Telfar, I used to sell hard

The Bally belt on, the yayo god

Used to owe the plug, I just pay him off

It’s what you do after the brick, bitch, I’m Draymond

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