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Wiki – Leppy Coqui Lyrics


Made my own nation

Out imagination

Imagine making everything you wanted out of patience

All while blunted, drinking, drunken, wasted

What you thinking cousin? grubbing

Fucking bacon

Pull up in basic

Sweat suit grey with some fucking Asics

Nah some suedes thought you’s gonna say some J’s

Liaison of real city shit he stays on

Scaffoldings he hanged on

Value every second that he waited till the train come

Super hero living with my moms got the cape on

It’s taped on

It’s winter coming so my fades gone

November out to LA like he Twon

Shouts to the couch that I stay on

Drank on the grey swan till we way gone

Next day better pray for ‘em or the day gone

Better pray for ‘em or the day gone

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Better pray for ’em

Made my own flag

I’m a nomad

A mutt strut cross the globe brag

A cro-magnum

Time zones had none

When i flown past

Switch it make my own path

Like I’m Bo Jackson

Two and one with that program son

Blew out my lung

Threw out my liver

Ain’t even an old man

No man could get to me

I’m so bad

Before rap

It was Michael Jackson throwbacks

And I would dance along

Felt like i’d enhance the song

Grew older now everybody chanting on

About what stance they on

You don’t think about the chance you wrong

You thinking, can or can’t conform

To the man or mom

I’m thinking if I can’t perform

Im damaging a dorm

But I can so it’s on

Leppy Coqui

He definitely OD

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Definitely low key

Definitely OG

To every kid who ain’t over 18

Made my own beer my own year 1993

Leppy Coqui

He definitely OD

Definitely low key

Definitely OG

To every single kid who ain’t over 18

Made my own beer my own year 1993

Made my own thing

No strings attached

Just rap no bling

Gold chain

My grandma gave me on my born day

That’s the lone thing

Its OD

Last time back must’ve been ’03

Remembering her back yard the mango tree

Dogs barking juxtaposed with rosaries

Holding me to pops trying get a hold of me

Smacked in manhattan man distractions what it’s supposed to be

It had to be

You close to me or you mad at me

It’s all the same savagery

Sipping bally b

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But I had to eat

So I had to stop

Went home to my baby girl in her lavish loft

The best is when she chefing pork chops and applesauce

And I eat it up, eat her up, squeeze her butt

Never cease to fuck

It’s what I need she needs it just as much

Did I leave ‘em with enough fuck it

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