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Yella Beezy – Talk My Shit Lyrics

Can I talk my shit? (Yeah)

I let these n***** talk they shit all the motherfuckin’ time

If you think I’ma keep quiet or somethin’ (Haha, nah, fuck that)

If these n***** talk, I can talk my shit too, n****

Why not? (Keise on the track) Haha

Ayy, these n***** got the motherfuckin’ nerve

I’d think before you cross, stay on the motherfuckin’ curb, hey

Got the trap, tell them come and get your ass served, hey

Hang around with killers, they’ll kill you, have my word

N**** told me get my lick back, flick ’em with a big strap

Buddy actin’ tender ’cause he heard I’m in his bitch mouth

She ain’t tryna fuck, she ’bout to get her ass kicked out

Blogs caught a n**** walkin’ ’round with my dick out

Hey, I’m everywhere they say I ain’t, goin’ where they say I can’t

We don’t see ’em in the street, shit, I ain’t see ’em in the bank

Paper over pussy, n***** woofin’, yeah, by the way

Give a n**** the green light, n**** tried to ride away

Stamp it like a visa, lil’ freaky bitch, Keisha

Hey, fuck a ball, player’s got her actin’ like a diva

Strapped with the nina, I heard the lil’ bitch a keeter

She ain’t a squirter or a creamer, swear to God that I’ma leave her

Hey, that n**** crazy he don’t think that she a cheater

But she gotta move carefully, if he catch her, he’ll beat her

Got some young n***** knock you out for a feature

They’ll do anything for Beezy, swear to God you won’t believe her

Now everybody wanna holler they a demon

‘Til you send ’em to the Devil, come and meet the Grim Reaper

Got her nuttin’ back-to-back, shakin’ like a seizure

Make this baby chopper get to singin’ like Aretha

We ain’t gotta play no hide-and-seek, tell ’em drop the addy

If they touch it, say it wasn’t me, actin’ like I’m jackin’

Call me young gigolo, I’m actin’ like my daddy

You know you fed up with that n****’s shit, so why you actin’ happy?

Nah, I ain’t cheap, you just a bitch I just won’t spend it on

Why these n***** cappin’? They the ones my n***** spinnin’ on

Tryna get snatched, so I bought my bitch some silicon

We touchin’ all the opps, I can tell you how they feelin’, huh

Freaky bitch leakin’, come and eat me like some dinner rolls

All about my business, so why the fuck you in your feelings for?

Why you mad she did you bad? So? You know she been a ho

My Draco comin’ like T-Pain, it got these n***** gettin’ low

My feet hurt for real, they makin’ t-shirts for real

I’m a real stepper, do your research for real

Lil’ baby all on me, yeah, she squirt for real

Turned me down before I blew up, now she hurt for real

That n**** talkin’ nonsense, leechin’, on they bum shit

Freaky bitch love suckin’ dick because her tongue thick

Hittin’ it from the back, go on and bounce it on my thumb, bitch

Keep the pussy drippin’, always make a n**** cum quick

Most of these n***** really soft behind these bitches

Goofy, dumb behind these hoes, pillow-talkin’ to these bitches

I’m a real player, I ain’t spit-boxin’ ’bout these bitches

That humble Yella gone, I’m actin’ cocky with these bitches (N****)


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