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Young T & Bugsey – Oh Lordy Lyrics


Oh Lordy Lyrics by Young T & Bugsey (feat. M Huncho)


Hmm, hmm, hmm (Yeah)

Hmm, hmm, mmm, yeah

Ay, Quincy Tell ’em

I want the cheese, I want the honey

She got the bee, she got the jelly

I’m with the G’s, I’m in the gully

Thumbin’ a key, I push a button

GLE, it’s nearly a hundred

Healthy, I’m blendin’, I’m killin’ the mornin’

Once that item got dropped in a forest

Girl I’ma kick it with you ’cause you honest

Cartier goggles, I make her gooshie

I make it walk, I make her slushi

I got the means, I know the money (Ching)

Don’t make it click, back, run it

Do what I say like my momma named me Simon

Cleanin’ is pretty, I treat you like ramen

Give me the pressure, now look at my diamonds

Quincy, he load up the beat, now I’m glidin’

Yo, five boys in here, man, you already know

We came here, we stepped in clean

Huncho just came in a spaceship, lookin’ clean

Yo, Quincy run that, we about do somethin’ clean, man

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That’s a new shit we say man, we fuckin’ clean in this bitch, fam

We clean (Ah)

I’m eating Bami, I’m feelin’ the snap on my feet in the trap ’cause I had to retreat

She creep, she hop in a cabby

I fuck up the WAP, then I tell her to leave

I’m here with my fivers like Adam Levine

She bad like Adam and Eve (Adam and Eve)

The plug, he won’t even sweat it

He know ’bout my credit, he front me a key

Bussin’ the Cartier shapes, beret

Forty-one face, the face for me

Wetter in person, on make believe

AP, 2 tone, Christmas tree (Christmas tree)

I’m gettin’ cake hit a little I thrown on my brodie, I’ll send you a slice (Send you a slice)

How she just came from Helsinki, she threw me some cali’

I’m high as a kite (High as a kite)

The roley a prezzie, I know that it cost me

A plain jane, nothin’ to flood it (Ye, ye)

I’m on the carpet, I’m moshin’, I’m dippin’ to shawty

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She good with her noggin’ (Woah)

Buss it (Ye), too many bags on shoppin’ (Uh-huh)

Geneva Boutique, she love it

Come with a heart, some cover, cover

Me and Nye talkin’ watches, that’s what it’s come to

Went from playin’ football, then I just come through bricks

Take pride in my attire, you’ll know the design

Until’ I go and I’ll mention them

Is anybody worth mentioning?

My guys, my fam, the MOB, my gyal

The whores can go, he was in love

I got the drop, on all the foe’s that tarnished us

Provocatos around the place like furniture (Like furniture)

Deny the jewl’, I don’t give in to curvature (Curvature)

I’m onto those, he’s onto us

So hurtin’ us, so hurtin’ us

The trap is clean, I’m Vinnie Jones

The mean machine, got mean machines

The drop is clean, these Jordan 4s

They match the beam (Oh baby)

They made a little cash and went crazy

And I made a few damn M’s with patience, woah

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They made a little cash and went crazy

And I made a few damn M’s with patience, woah

And I told the bitch “Suck slow, suck slowly”

Oh Lordy, steppin’ in the ride with the hundred and the forty

Oh Lordy, Six-three S, so they can’t control me

Oh Lordy, fuckin’ on the beat like I’m fuckin’ on my shorty

And my new bitch, on Vouge

She a cutie, big booty

Hit ’em one time, while you jiggle on the cuban (Glee)

Oh Lordy, only this week, I made ’bout forty

Oh Lordy, pressin’ on the gas, that’s five on the horses

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