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Young T & Bugsey – Truth Be Told Lyrics

(Truth be told

I ain’t lost nobody I needed

The real ones still around

Y’all be safe though)

Truth be told, it cost me big quid for these buggus all on my wrist

Truth be told, I got my own chick, I don’t want nuttin’ with your bitch

Truth be told, it’s been a slow grind, but we top 5 in this bitch

Truth be told, we on that multi, yeah, multi with them gibs

Truth be told, I feel like Evian, my neck water my wrist

Truth be told, she got that Fenty on, that WAP gushie and bliss

Truth be told, yo switch that celly on, the trap jumping and shit

Truth be told, that Mackavelli on, I get around in the 5th

Truth be told, I need that prong set, that 12 Years a Slave

Truth be told, I’m in a local with 10’s day to day

Truth be told, I play the clock game, my name Flavor Flav

Truth be told, it’s been a long way, we carved our own lane

Truth be told, I call these blood diamonds, they guide me through the Maze

Truth be told, your girl, she involved, that checkpoint on Waze

Truth be told, I got my tempo, my end goal is cake

Truth be told, she send a XO, an XO, I slay

Used to peep in when my step daddy was bagging at house

Used to get breeze off that shawty, bet she wanna know me now

Roll the new wheels off the lot and it go least a hunnid thou’

It’s the 5fty drippy n*****, ain’t no messing with the sound

Yeah, now I get when they say ‘more money comes more problems’

If I can’t trust her, I don’t want her, I don’t need your log in

They wanna envy me, but they don’t wanna use they noggin’

I’m hopping out the green Lambo, you know I’m feeling froggy

Couple perks of the relevance, some are menacing

In my thoughts, I’m just checking in, silence deafening

Bro don’t work but he selling it, BandoTechanic

Call it church how he blessing it, how he stretch a brick

That’s VVS’s in my diamond teeth, look like Johnny Dang

Money man, this ain’t Johnny Dang, this the Boogey Man

Pot and pans, do the double hand, whip a rubber band (Whip a rubber band)

Wrap up, Taliban, I’m from the motherland (I’m from the motherland)

Truth be told, I’m in Milano, my mum Prada me

Truth be told, my name Picasso, my ex on the beach

Truth be told like El Dorado, my jewel game on fleek

Truth be told, them man are jankro, the machine will beat

Truth be told, my hands are clean, but my name in the streets

Truth be told, we up in Buff Bay and cuz got the heat

Truth be told, to us that’s small change, we made that last week

Truth be told, we are the 5 boys but we be top 3

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