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Yves Jarvis – At the Whims Lyrics


Countless and boundless

All knowing

Ebbing and flowing

Waste for no sake

Unconscionable con

Productive lives led without any trace

Of both feet planted firmly in one’s place

And not at the whims

We’re out on the fringe

Making the best of this flight

Do you want it?

To shed your appetite?

Couldn’t fool me

Prospect of what could be

Void and empty

Unprecedented unfolding

Out from their holdings

And into the fray

The rise and fall of an empire

With this dying breath

Should be ashamed with due respect

And out on your own without a cellphone

Making mistakes on your way

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Can you hack it, baby?

Day in, every day, day out

Can you hack it every day?

Prospect in front of me

Void and empty

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