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Yves Jarvis – Stitchwork Lyrics



Sewn with a needle and thread

Embroidered or appliqué

Textiles and fabrics

Hemmed and then fastened

Garment tailored right to a T

Fibers merge and generate a blend

Then extend into a sheet

Cotton or velvet

I cannot help it

Never ceasing to excite me

Cloaked in lavish materials

Woven to accentuate

Natural endowments

Embellished proudly

Proportioned and all tucked away

Now I’m the silhouette of a man

Carry myself as such

No misapprehension

About my intention

When we cross paths

Walking down the street

Symbols are somewhat simple

To understand

This resolution is so low

So low

Mere appearance

Will have you discard or demand

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This metric is set in stone

Set in stone


Not so easy to iron them flat

When the heat and pressure’s low

So low


Don’t get me started with stains!

Oh, such a crippling blow

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